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I created SHR in 2002! I've always been using flyers, business cards, and websites to try and find my friends, lovers, and soul mates! Being labelled, by people that you don't even know, and the gang-tards who blindly follow them, and go along with it, is one of the largest problems, the USA faces. Stupidity is rampant, in the USA. Bbq parties at Coke and heroin houses, right next door to Jewish bankers, is how the Jews have been tricking rusty, dusty, musty, stanky unionized white trash Gentiles, for years. When the light shines, the Jews say, "look it's not us Jews." Hitler said, "shine the light on the Jew." THINK FOR YOURSELF! Stern never said, I was the most X-rated person to ever live, but I did. It's the vampires. They're doing ok. Tex-mex-Italy. I having a board meeting to see if Shr can ever become viable, because what once started as the innocent guitar player from 97-2000, turned into a monster, its own monster, my own prizon, and attracted the wrong won people. No one really ever understood the true sir. The true SHR! A ton went into this, and for nothing? All to feel the bern, over and over again, and for years, later?