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Stevie Hayes Records was founded by Stevie Hayes in 2002.

Call me at (708) 794-8593 & leave a message,


I Have cassette tape box sets of Stevie Hayes Records hand made diy for $. Contact me to purchase.


Some CDr's also from guys gone wild summer 2006, 6-6-06, tour.





The problem is, is robots, and the dead people. The dead are not all the same. No one is created equal. The other big problems in the USA, is conspiracies, in the media, the department of homeland security, the Feds, authorities, a brass rabbit with old radio flyer sled type feet, like it sleds down an icy hill, kingpin movie, Jeffersons on ice, El dorado Kansas, schilling 1950s cinnamon can in red white and blue colors, the sky drops - the truth is, Christmas being garbage in the USA, corrupt to the core, and the Jews knew it for 1000s, of years, one thing they definitely know, and got 100 percent right, "Christmas, yeah, that ain't gonna work," More problems, Primus, Rudolph Hess, Rollins song mentality, American waste, jack white iii, skinheads, romantic violence band live in Philadelphia, mentality, mixed with witches, and Taco Bell. "Born rotted, bored rotten, Thrown down to the wolfs, made will Ferrell for nothing,". Google intern movie, and McDonald's satanic, v.s the Catholic Church. McDonald's is winning. Satan rules said Johnny travant in 2005, a good for nothing jew, who called the cops on that house show in Harvard, with David Rosenberg, and Freemasons. Johnny said to me, as the cop walked through searching the kids, for drugs, "you know Stevie Hayes, now that you and me are friends, I've got something I've got to tell you,". The cop walked through and whole venue, went silent. Jay Haley 50wtkm sung that song in 2005 on his album, "put me in a swimming pool, just me and Stevie Hayes, but the problem is that, it's infested with stingrays." Tom invited, Johnny into his world, I never knew him. Tom invited decrypt into his world, I never knew them, tom invited Mickey, ken McElroy into his world. I never knew them, tom knew the department of homeland security, secret service, through band korn, Cheech and Chong punk cover, I never knew, and so much more. Tom, his dad, uncle, and moms bf, are a part Cherokee cell, and have been a major problem, also. Amit said to me in 2008, after a falling out, "ya know, you're the finest piece of white trash, I ever knew." Amit voted for Barry Soetoro, and has always been a massive, spear chucking, witchcraft practicing, bean eating, democrat, another major major problem in the USA, democrats. Amit is Rollins definition of American waste, mixed with primus. A revolution. He's also working for Jacob Rothschild. Devil worship, in the woods. "My kkk" once said, "I feel sorry for this guy billy anal rape, in high school, but the guy I really feel sorry for is this Indian kid, kick e me, I get my hair cut at the dollar store! Hold on!" If you want to come to the USA, another issue is, is you will have it hard. Hugh hefners family was here since the 1500's. What do you expect? Failed public education is a massive systemic problem, but only put money into agriculture, and art, in the future, not football, wrestling, ufc, and contact animalistic, barbaric, Neanderthal, steroid 1990s freaks, another conspiracy there, and Abe Lincoln types, are responsible, brown, el Dona from Kansas, a carrot, and two black dogs, like led Zeppelin sung about. Only invest in art, classical music, and food. They've wasted trillions on war, and billions on a corrupt unionized, inner city school system that has failed, year, after year. Darren blames the judges on Americas got talent, they cut the mic, on him, he acted like gg allin on stage, and called them all animals, but they cut the mic, so no one heard it. It's a club, and they all have a piece of the "Hitlers big lie technique," they have power over controlling the loudest voice, that the dead, pathetic mainstream masses listen to. Don't ever expect to get a piece of that pie, that's rich elite mans game. Are you rich, elite? Yeah, you just immigrated to USA, 10 years ago. You don't stand a chance for 100s more years. You were lied to, by their same big lie technique machine, yer a slave, and don't realize it. There is no America land of free, or opportunity. It's pretty simple 1+1= math really. Yer just a slave, that's expendable, on top of it, like the people in the twin towers on 9-11. Some movie? Expendables? If you're stupid, move to Oregon, suicide is legal there. Stop feeding bits and pieces back to others. Waste of time. Yer all a waste of time, my grandfather said. David appleby, applebys, kingpin, and 5151, is a waste of time, and the reason your band won't make it in the music industry. And whitey bulgar exposed more massive problems in the USA. People that can't think for themselves, or refuse to, are the largest problems, the USA faces, and has. A big robot machine is in place now, and the dead, have been using it. Die antwoord exposes it, often, "We in da future now."

$3100. Tama swing star Japan early 90s kit. I never knew the year. Impulse ride, nice hats, 2 older cymbal broken momentous. I think one from 60s and 70s. 3 snares. One $100. One. $1000. One. $40. Stool, pedal, accessories. Heads, while lasts supplies limited, while supplies last, sticks. Bags, more. It has 3 snares. One snare is $1,000'. I should charge. $3000 just for the snare. Wood jazz. Rare It's good, you'll really like it. It's a really hearty good sounding kit. It's on ritual statics albums, dark vanity acid, satan's scrotum, and more. Shrdictatorship.page.tl This is the official drum kit of Stevie Hayes records.

I have no use for. Dead dips, dead entities, spies that need to be brought up on military tribunals and executed, chimps, spear chuckers, primus satanic plot ground chuckers, drug dealers, drug addicts, pc culture creators aka 2 Native American maren radical bimbos, coded jibes, the diseased. Hep c, hiv, herpes, etc. I live under gods laws. I am not part of the general public. I'm trying to create the utmost greatest experience I can for myself in life, and if you have what it takes I'd like to share, but I've been abused by idiots most of my life. I have zero use for most, including trolls, robots, clowns, fools, dips, gutter fighters, etc. Baddies leave. I am against tattoos, witches, serial killers, yales, Jews, mainstream media, and vehemently against drugs. I have already experienced 2 full lifetimes in my half of a life.





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