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Stevie Hayes Records was founded by Stevie Hayes in 2002. 1 guy. No witchcraft. Not signed onto anyone or anything, never. 100 percent diy. Created the songs, lyrics, myself. 1 guy v.s. Everyone, and with diy collaborators throughout the time grid.

Call me at (708) 794-8593 & leave a message, to fuck, you fuck, eat a fuck. Jews gassed. Enemies, and dead, get the fuck off this page! STOP! Retards! It the tard!


I Have cassette tape box sets of Stevie Hayes Records hand made diy for $. Contact me to purchase.


Some CDr's also from guys gone wild summer 2006, 6-6-06, tour.





10-24-2020. You can send me offers, on eBay, ASAP! The dirty dead and the glass dishes, are the problem. Think for yourself! Is the answer! A new band name! 59's are the problem, and have been since 1990. They're saying its 88s, to the public. Jews are the problem. Rommel v.s. Africa, is a problem. Slave traders, Arabs, and Africans are the problems, they brought African slaves to the USA, to begin with. A black guy hurt my kkk in 2008. Drugs is a problem. 9-11 inside job and the one that signed the patriot act is the problem. That guy is a communist. Jewish communism is the problem. Commits steal power by force and violence, not choice, like in the 60s, and in all them wars after 9-11. Notice torture? That's communism. Unreal. Osiyo, voices of the Cherokee people, shown on wttw Chicago. Neighbors are for fools. The glass dish and dirty dead are for fools. Baby boomers were born rotted, younger people, they won't do shit for us, except sabotage us further, like they already have been, since 1989. Waste of time. Young girls, come to me, I'm your leader, I have a lot of knowledge. We need to get away from the cities and suburbs. Contact me, if that's you girl! You've got to think for yourself, yer doomed if you do not. You letting convienience find you, and half wit, half ass relationships, that will not work out, ain't gonna cut it, girls, you've gotta get 100 percent, what you're seeking. Listening to primus, fat black trench coats, and sleazy monsters, and low level two bit salesman, and back alley pool hall hustlers, for advice, ain't gonna get you knowwhere, they are only, what's in it for them, and prey, on those whom fumble around, in the breeze, accepting just what's convenient. How many times are we gonna repeat this?! I'm even deeper, and stronger, than yer primus black trench coats, I'm the last one left, the one with the aura of the leftover steel. Go deeper, than primus, and you get to me. I'm the stump root, below the stump, and jutting outwards, into the earth, to the side, an outlier? I'm the steel bowling ball rolling down the road? It's even hard for a semi truck to run me over. Once, someone threw a steel bowling ball on the highway, some years ago? Dream theatre jotun? Nooooo! Don't say that, not here, not now! Shhhh! "What the fuck is wrong wit dis Chuck da butcher menace toe society foo, man, how the fuck is this guy, dis o-ring grease even still alive man!?" Dial tone by GI Joe? Feldick noticed a Greek and a Jew problem, in da bible.

$3100. Tama swing star Japan early 90s kit. I never knew the year. Impulse ride, nice hats, 2 older cymbal broken momentous. I think one from 60s and 70s. 3 snares. One $100. One. $1000. One. $40. Stool, pedal, accessories. Heads, while lasts supplies limited, while supplies last, sticks. Bags, more. It has 3 snares. One snare is $1,000'. I should charge. $3000 just for the snare. Wood jazz. Rare It's great.





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