Stevie Hayes Records was founded by Stevie Hayes in 2002. 1 guy. No witchcraft. Not signed onto anyone or anything, never. 100 percent diy. Created the songs, lyrics, myself. 1 guy v.s. Everyone, and with diy collaborators throughout the time grid.

Call me at (708) 794-8593 & leave a message.
We in da Twilight Zone!?!@

Hi, are you a young, and rebellious type, or any rebellious type, that rebels against the system, and does not call the popo?
I have a deal for you, but I need you to sign a contract, to obtain this deal, do you understand?
The reason for this, is I'm only allowing you, through my company SHR=, 3 options, of what you can do with these CD's, once you obtain them, or merch. 
And I'm telling you other options, that are not allowed. 
You have to agree to this, to participate in this deal.  And this deal applies, to anyone in the past, that obtained merch, from SHR= also, just by exclusive rights, default purposes.  Most just don't know it yet. 
If you have any SHR= merch in the past, and you are not sure what to do, next, and you do not like it, or do not know anyone else that likes it, then to be safe, just trash it.  This is one of the options, of the 3 above.  
Hell, I'll tell you, your only 3 options. 
1.  you keep it, and love it. 
2.  you find someone else that loves it, and they keep it, you can distribute it, to lovers & friends, of these works, only. 
3.  trash it.  (and when in doubt, trash it.)
These are you only 3 options.  None other are allowed, and I'm making you sign a contract, to guarantee this, also, in the future, if you want to participate in this deal, so let me know. 

You're options that are not allowed are:
1. distribute these works to any authorities, once-so-ever., and there are many different types of those, these days.
2. distribute these works, to any enemies of yours or mine.
3.  distribute these works, to any enemies, period.
4.  do anything mallicious with these works.
5.  alter these works, and then distribute them, to enemies.

I can mail you some signed merch.  We can do a tandem deal, where you buy stuff off ebay, to get this ball rolling, then I include the SHR= signed merch, in there, also, try to find items, I could send media mail, in with the CD's, and other merch, cassette tape box sets, and more.  Contact ebay, or wherever, anytime that you'd like. 
You can contact me. 

I Have cassette tape box sets of Stevie Hayes Records hand made diy for $.
Contact me to purchase.  Purchase them off ebay.  My latest project, will be adding the final touches to each box set, one by one.  Purchase them, one at a time.


Some CDr's also from GGW summer 2006, around 6-6-06, tour. 
This tour lasted from around 6-16 to 7-19-2006.
More shows were played throughout 2007, and one around 12-29-2008.




$3100. Tama swing star Japan early 90s kit. I never knew the year. Impulse ride, nice hats, 2 older cymbal broken momentous. I think one from 60s and 70s. 3 snares. One $100. One. $1000. One. $40. Stool, pedal, accessories. Heads, while lasts supplies limited, while supplies last, sticks. Bags, more. It has 3 snares. One snare is $1,000'. I should charge. $3000 just for the snare. Wood jazz. Rare It's great.



In a dead world, I know why I firstly got involved with sound.  It's because, "it's too good to be true."
We go through all these trials, and tribulations, caused by others.  We are forced to fight, and mostly it ends up being, for what?
There are some core lessons to be learned here, but you can spin that oppossitely, likewise.
We have a real chance at this sound thing here, always.  Find it in your hearts, and your souls, look deeply, and if you're like me,
you'll just know it.  You know why we did it.  You know why.  All the critics, all the nonsense, all the negativity, the fighting, and
once it goes public it always turns to shit, always, all the garbage, b.s., all the fighting, but you know why.  We know why.
You know why you did it.



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