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Soon, I'll be informing the USA military of this following story & anyone that wants to form swat teams, orders, conspiracies, groups & wants to fight this.

What has been happening since 2006?

I toured with a musician & comedian out east.  I only met them twice in real life.  They were very nice.
They were looked at as a celeb but to call them A-side I'd say is impossible. 
They were B-side or C-side if that makes any sense?
I came home after that brief tour that was set up by other people.  I also helped coordinate some things via phone calls & directing dates & times.
This B-side or C-side celeb was becoming my friend. 
I went back to college in Chicago quickly after this small diy booked tour to finish college at IUB for the fall of 2006 semester into the summer of 2007.  I was going to college every single spring & fall semester since the year 2000.
I went to college from 2000-2007 in various programs.
This 2006 summer tour lasted for 30 days in the summer vacation of 2006. 
It was planned off and on for a year or two before that, but the fine details were worked out, on the ground, at the last
minute, while actually trying to tour to diy, dive clubs, bars, garages, basements, etc.
We would play anywhere that would allow us a show, because that's how it works when you are broke.
In other words, you don't just play Madison Square Garden when nobody knows you & you have $1000 dollars total
you tour with for 30 days.
My celeb friend and I talked a few more times over the internet between 2006 and 2008.
A small segment of our show was video taped on July 12, 2006 at a dive bar in Philly that King Gary from the band Bitchslicer booked for us.
I first heard about King Gary previous to my tour because my band was on a compliation CD with his band, that was released on an obscure underground record label ran by a guy in his apartment in Texas.  He hand printed his own CDs from his house, and sold them all over various parts of the world.  The Japanese were big customers of his.
King Gary worked in a porn store in Philly for his main job & played in his band from time to time. 
This was the case in the mid 2000's.
When I got to Philly, I had a couple of contacts already as leads to try and book shows around Philly.
I had a contact in Long Island, NY.  I had a contact in northern NJ.  These were my leads to shows. 
I had nothing to do with the venue choices.  I did not pick them.
Whatever was already established out on the ground, is where I headed.
I used my previously had contacts, as liasons, to their contacts. 
Their contacts were either running the house shows, booking the shows, dive bars, and knew all the other people in other bands in the various scenes in these areas.
I had nothing to do with WHERE we played the shows.
I said, "we're from Chicago, can you book us to shows?  I'm here for 1 month total."  They said, "on this day you can have this show at this basement through this contact here.  They will book you."
King Gary said, "I sometimes book for some place called the Barbary.  You can have a show this night with my band Bitchslicer, & others."  I said, "sounds good."
That's how this tour was booked.  We were looking for any shows that existed.  We were willing to play anywhere, because there were no other options for us.  The music industry & music scenes were mostly dead in the 2000's era.
This is right after 9-11.  You had terror, Bush, 9-11, 2 wars in the middle east, Chris Hansen, swat teams, a police state, & cameras installed everywhere nation wide ever since 2005 or so.

My friend was murdered in 2008 spring in a jail cell in Philly ran by the GEO group private prisons.
I read it over the internet in the news.
Immediately 2 close buddies he had, stated over the internet, "he was railroaded, & there is a consipiracy here."

I went to my friends MOMS house and lived with her for 10 days in the summer of 2010.
I wanted to hear the story from her. 
I was satisfied and thought I had the full story, after meeting with her, living with her, & helping her around the house.
I thought I had the "full story" from the mom.
After what happened a few years later, I wasn't so sure all of a sudden.
I don't even think the mom knows everything.
One thing for now she has coroborated is that them 2 close buddies he had that said that statement, it was true.
I wondered about that, because it was over the internet.
The mom told me in real life, when her son was about to be handcuffed on the back of a cop car, when they were first busting him, he texted his buddies on their cell phones and said, "guys I'm being railroaded by the cops."
What them 2 buddies said, was direct from my friend at the scene with the cops right there ready to take him to jail.

This story gets really crazy after what I sort of saw ever since 2009, but did not put anything together officially in my mind.
After what I saw in Dec 2012, and started doing research after that, deeper, slowly, by September of 2013, I put alot of so called "puzzle pieces" together in my mind all of a sudden. 
Then I discovered a 3rd artist that told the story of what seemed to happen to my friend in their music videos released to the public. 
They were playing roles & charachters of what seemed to happen to my friend.
My friends mom never told me anything like these music videos portrayed.
My friends mom told me very few details.
She did inform me of enough, so I knew who was who & what was what in these music videos. 
Then I discovered more artists in the mainstream after this.
What I discovered was the jist of this seems to be, a bunch of new people were brought up into the mainstream
& to make a long story short, they are feeding off of energy, off a dead mans corpse.   My dead friend.
This has confused and hurt me, because to me, it makes people look like pieces of garbage to do such a thing.
I would never do such a thing my own self.
My friend is dead & I never stole his music, his act, his energy, his lifeblood, twisted it and re-released it.
His music & comedy was one a kind.  That was him.  I never took from any of that.
I released my own things.
I released things that I was creating originally since before I even met my friend.
My friend had nothing to do with my art or music at all.
My friend made his own music.
I made my own music, & that was that.
These mainstream poseurs, they don't come up with their own material from the ground up.
Instead, they are feeding off a dead celebs corpse, who was a B-side or C-side celeb, btw.
These mainstream front people are poseurs for the most part, & don't come up with their own ideas from the ground up.
They are sucking off of a story line, that came up out of a dead celebs corpse.
The whole entire mainstream started there.
But what I released as a joke in 2010, all of a sudden they started feeding off of this also.
They started stealing from me, my life blood, my work, my art, my music.
They started feeding off of me.
Also, I was very serious about so much I released also.
But the things I released as a joke, trashe for public entertainment, they far more stole more of this, than they did the things I took seriously.
They do steal some of the things I took seriously though, and then flip them around back at me, and treat them like I'm joking.  They think everything is a joke, on that level.

The main reason they stole from me is because they seem to think I'm someone that I never intended to be.
I bought a green mask at Walgreens in 2001, to goof around with a friend of mine on Halloween, in the steel mills.
I started wearing this on stage randomly in the 2000's, at a few shows I played guitar, and screamed vocals in.
I randomly ended up in my friends DVD.
He sent that DVD out to all the major talk show hosts nation wide that air on national tv.
With me living in a college dorm, and being oblvious to everything that was going on between my friend & sending out his DVD, in which I was only in a 3 minute segment out of the 1 hour dvd, tops,
apparently all the mainstream journalists, which he warned me of and told me one piece of inside information, before he was murdered, in an email.  He called all of them, "Dem sick bastards."
I'll never forget that.
My friends last email to me was, "Hey man, I sent my dvd out to all them major shows with the clip of us playing in my band, Stern, Degeneres, Conan, Letterman, Leno, Ferguson, Daley, whoever, & maybe we'll get on them shows, dem sick bastards."
I responded with an oblivious sort of cool, or whatever, yeah maybe, who knows.  That would be fun to tour & play on them shows with our band.  In other words, I wasn't about to go blow lunch over it, or sit around forever waiting, thinking it would actually happen or anything like that, at the time, because my friend asked various labels for money for our tour, so we could tour much grander, & much bigger even in 2006.  No labels responded, and all said no.  I think he asked in the spring of 2006 or fall of 2005 even for money from labels.  So I already saw nation wide who was going to help us with our tour back then.  My friend was asking for like 30 grand or something at that time, for a tour.  I told him it would problably cost that much for the demands he wanted.  At first I told him we should tour the ghetto way, but he said he wasn't willing to do that.  He had tour demands he required in order to do the tour.  Then I asked him, "can you just give us the money for our tour man?  He said no also.  I told him then, well for what you are looking for, hotels every night, girls for you in the hotel every night, food, a bus or van, this and that, I figure it will be like 30 grand or something?  I just threw that out there.  He said, "I think you're right man, I'll contact the labels, ask them for 30 grand, and see what they say."  I'm like, alright, sounds good man.  That's why I was oblivious to my friends email at that time about him sending the video tape out to them shows.  Apparently he sent out his full DVD to them, but he never told me what it was he sent out exactly.  I never knew. 
I just said like cool man, yeah maybe, while I was back in college for my 2006 fall semester at IUB into the 2007 summer, finishing school.

Then I asked my friend if he could get me in a commercial he does in the future or something perhaps.  I said maybe we can make some extra money, doing a commercial together in the future or something.  He's like "that sounds good."
I said for now though, we should do one of those commercials over the internet, like you did a long time ago with some girl.  He said, "that's a good idea."  I came up with an idea for a commercial we were going to do in the future, and he liked it.  He was going to film his section on his end.  Then on my end, I was going to film my section and add it in later.
He was murdered before this idea ever culminated.

The problem is, was my friend never told me any inside information about anything ever, except, I learned later, he was speaking to me in something I didn't understand at the time, when he said, "dem sick bastards."
I got it on one level.  It was a simple us v.s. them mentality.  I had some run-ins with how this system works growing up in Chicago, ever since I was a kid.  Obviously, I understood it on one level, but I didn't understand it on a really deep level like I do now.

That started to make sense to me, many years after he was murdered.  I now know why he said that.  It makes perfect sense to me now in 2014.

That was the ONLY piece of "inside information" I ever recieved from my friend ever.

I will list out as much as I can find in the future who stole from this story line that has to do with my friend being killed, to show exactly who is involved with this in the mainstream.
I will list out a list of entertainers names, behind the scenes peoples, groups, etc.
I can already list out about 30 names involved in this, sucking off of this in the modern mainstream.
Ironically, much more of this was quickly subverted into being about "ME", not even my friend so much.
The mainstream entertainers have been writing songs directed at "ME" about "ME", etc.
The reason they are doing this, is trying to draw me into their world.
Yet in reality, all they would have had to have done, was contact me, via phone, or letter, tons of years ago, when I was struggling for years. 
Again, just like I realised there was some "speak in code, in the music video, tv show, commercial, or song," itself thing they are doing, my own friend was doing that to me, even back in 2007 in a show he made which aired on MTV at the time.  I'm not sure if he made that, or it was the writer of the show, it states his name, that was behind that.
I don't know who was trying to draw me in back in the summer of 2007, but I didn't see that show until 2013, and notice that, now, after many other ones have been trying to draw me into their world. 
Draw me into what?
What world?
What am I suppossed to do?
They never tell me.
My own friend, didn't even tell me, back then, this was happening.
Did he know it was happening?
He never informed me.
And I had zero clue back then, to anything.
All these hints added up after something in Dec 2012 caught my attention pretty blatantly and hardcore, then a bunch of research later, other things started adding up.

Based on what I now see in the show that started this whole story line, where they all seem to think the man in the "green mask" means something, when to me it meant "nothing."
It was a 99 cent mask I bought at Walgreens to goof around in.  Blame the CEO of Walgreens.  He sold them in 2001.
Others made that into "something." 
That has nothing to do with me.
I was oblivious to it.
Based on that, the story line started right then and there as far as I can see, and I was never told about it.
I also see a conspiracy between a jew in bloomington, IN, and MTV in my mind, looking back.
This jew came close to me in the green mask, when he booked me for a few shows in bloomington back in 2007, while I was attending college there.
In the show a journalist says, "so and so's whereabouts are currently unknown."
Well, that's a load of bullshit, and to my eyes in 2014, the conspiracy starts right there.
There looks to be a burnt out meth lab at the end of that show.
I noticed a simliar scene at the end of a Lady Gaga video in Bad Romance, with a skeleton, on a bed, that looks
like the burnt out meth lab scene in that 2007 video on MTV.
Did my friend know he was possibly being played in that show?
My friend was alive & well in the summer of 2007 when that show was released.
What is with the "burnt out meth lab? in that show?"

Did the same gang member or members that killed my friend in prison, run a burnt out meth lab years previous to this?
My friend was killed in 2008.
This burnt out meth lab shown in the show was in 2007.
My friend mentioned to his two buddies, "I'm being railroaded."
He also called his mom later, and stated to his mom, "I think there is a conspiracy here mom, they are trying to do me in, you've got to get me out of this."
He was talking about the 2nd judge in the case & a 2nd lawyer, a new lawyer they were trying to bring in, is my understanding.  He told his mom there is a new lawyer involved. 
The mom told me, he was sort of acting like joking-ly also in this thing.  The mom told her son, "son you've got to take this serious, don't laugh at any of this."  And her son said, "I know mom."  I heard her say something along these lines to my face.  Because my friend was such an unserious guy in life, that was very misunderstood.  He was a comedian afterall.  He had a different personality than most.  He didn't take much serious in his life.  Nevertheless, he stated to his mom he was in trouble.
The mom told me this line to my face in 2010, when I lived with her. 
I now want to know what the burnt out meth lab has to do with anything. 
This is what I'd like to know.
If this is the case, there is obviously a conspiracy here, & that crappy looking journalist in the show, is a good place to start looking, when she says, "so and sos whereabouts are currently unknown."
I instantly in my mind, as the diy detective I am, tie that back to that jew that was trying to get close to me in b-town.
He was their eyes & ears out on the ground.  I didn't realise that then, though.  He knew I was in b-town. 
Why would that crappy journalist on that MTV show say, "so and sos whereabouts are currently unknown."
Talking in code to "ME." in that mock show done for comedy more or less.  But was it?
I see a conspiracy, is what I smell, when I watch that show in 2014.
I can smell things that seem funny, or not right in my mind.  The numbers don't add up properly when I look at that, and smell it.  It adds up to a conspiracy to me, in action, brewing, when looking at that now.  Back in the day, I didn't even know that show existed, & my friend never told me about it.

I'd like to know what a jew in bloomington, IN that was trying to get close to Frankenstoner, booking Frankenstoner for shows, (yet he said to Frankenstoners face when asked, what kind of music do you like?  The jew replied, hippy, jungle, tribal music, I don't even like metal, when Metal and noise is what Frankenstoner played."  In other words, the jew was there blatantly for a reason other than liking the actual music he was even attempting to push & get close to, and this started Jan of 2007, before Frankenstoner even played one show in bloomington, yet booked by this jew and his white friend some redneck from the farms."  Why was the jew pushing for Frankenstoner, when he blatantly said he didn't like the music Frankenstoner was playing, to Frankenstoners face.",
a journalist on that MTV show that said the line, "so and so's whearabouts are currently unknown."
The writer or person that incorporated a "burnt out meth lab" into the end of that show, & where my friends stolen bike lines came from?  And what my friend knew about that show, or didn't know about that show?  Did my friend just show up, and somebody told him, "read these lines?"  And he said, "ok man."  Or did my friend know about everything in advance, and practically wrote the thing?  I'd like to know what happened there before, during, and after that set.
what a 2nd judge,
a 2nd lawyer,
& a teen girl and the gang members she was problably banging, based on "music videos" I saw in 2013 and 2014 for the first time ever, with musicians playing "roles" of some of these people in their music videos in the mainstream."
all have to do with each other.   And if any of these peoples connects to each other.
Maybe add some cops in there also. 
We could possibly find the conspiracy if we look into these things, based on my instincts.

Again I was back at IUB going to school, thats where my whereabouts were.
I was going to school since I left the 2006 tour on summer break, and went back to IUB for the fall semester.
And that jew in b-town was booking my bands for shows.  He knew about my whereabouts.
He was also trying to get close to me for some reason, when, he didn't even like metal, or my genre of music.
He told me that to my face.
I didn't know who that guy was, or that he was jewish.
I saw this punker looking guy riding a bike around one night at a party I went to down there.
Weeks or months later, he came up to me at a show in a bar one night.  Uncle Festers.  He said are you the guy from Stevie Hayes Records?  We like your band Frankenstoner & want to see you play live.  We have a show coming up at this house party in 2 weeks, do you want Frankenstoner to play there?  Or any (shr=) bands on your roster?  I said, "yeah sure man that sounds fine."
That's how it all started, right then & there, with this guy.  I never knew anything else about him, the whole entire time, & I didn't know he was jewish.  He looked white to me.
But an infiltrator of mine, that doesn't know he is an infiltrator, because he isn't, but he told me reports of what was going down in the b-town scene in various bands, told me later, that guy is jewish.
I said, "no shit?"  That seems to explain something.

The other issue was my friend, never told me anything about any of this.
But it seemed like they were also taking from my myspace updates back in the day, secretly, not telling me, back then also.
I don't know if my friend did it, or if the guy that wrote the show did it.
in one scene, my friend took some guys bike, and said, "hey man you want to buy this bike?"  He said it to this Indian dude.
The dude goes, "no man, that's my bike."
I wrote on myspace long ago, that I took a bike like that, that was laying off a bike rack, w/o a chain on it, and the chain off of the bike, and rode it around campus at night once, when I was coming back drunk from the bars in the party town.
I put the chain back on the bike, that had the chain hanging off.
It was also unchained from the bike rack.  It is clear, that nobody wanted this bike, so I took it.
I posted things like that on myspace all the time.
They act like I'm some thief or thug or something.
Oh wow.  With the 1960's riots, terror in the streets, 9-11, wars on terror, industrial military complex, oh wow.
I'm an amazing thug.  I'm such a criminal.
My friend never told me anything about this show in 2007.  He never told me any inside information.
He never said, "move out to Philly man, and we'll give you a career in entertainment."
He never said, "check out this show man, it's about you, what do you think about this?"
He never said, "I got some of your updates from myspace, or this guy that is writing the show did."
He never told me anything about anything, except the things, I previously told you, he told me about, the whole,
"dem sick bastards bit, and all that."

What have they been trying to draw me into?, by speaking in about 100 combined mainstream songs, shows, etc. now ever since 2010 or so, I found most of them now in modern times.

It can only be so many things.

These entertainers in the mainstream on tv are all called magicians.
There is a secret society out there called Ordo Templi Orientis, that apparently on youtube states is for magicians.
All the bullshit you see on tv, hear in music, etc. is all created by magicians.  It's all bullshit, and it's all quite subversive.
It's all fantasy.  If you truly live your life in it, you are completely wasting your time completely.  Some people are getting paid millions of dollars for this.  You are enabling it, by watching their bullshit.
Problably the reason whey they don't come out and tell me, "come here, or I'll meet you, or I'll write you a letter, or I'll give you a phone call, is" because they want to keep their game secret, because if the public knows what they are up to, then you won't fall for it.  I speculate this.
However, looking into the basics of Ordo Templi Orientis on youtube, it looks to be many things with stars, a numerology system, a society Aleister Crowley started in 1904, and it's basic framework is that of many of the secret societies out there, something called up above, so below.  I didn't even realise this at the time, but the sands of time, was said by that Jimmy Lo in one of our songs tons of years ago, he came up with the lyrics to,  This was around 2004.  He starts the song saying, "The sands of time within my eyes."  Jimmy Lo was screwy, and his uncle thought he was an idiot.  His uncle was a millionaire in Chicago that owned a bus company and a record studio there.  They did something with Disney there.  I even met the guy.  He had heart attacks.  I'm sure Jimmy Lo knew his uncle was problably involved in secret societies? 
Jimmy Lo was another bit of a dingbat guy, that never really gave me any inside info.  So I was kept in the dark, yet again.  I'm not even sure if he knew too much either his own self.  I heard with my own ears at that studio, his own uncle calling him a dingbat, right in front of my face.  I think that says it all.  He said, "Jimmy, you're wasting your time, your ideas won't work, what we are doing at this studio here, is something bigger than what you could dream up, you idiot."  Jimmy said, "you should do this, this, & this uncle."  Jimmy had all these ideas, from the perspective of a musician.  His uncle just laughed at him.  I was just a witness.  I knew nothing else, except the asshole that worked at the front desk in that studio said, "Look at this guy here, he thinks just because he has a guitar on, look at his huge ego."  I was just minding my own business, and that guy was a first class asshole to me.  Putting words in my mouth.  Tons of people in Chicago, in the businesses there, come up to you and put words in your mouth.  They do that there.  There are like tons of assholes in Chicago.
I've had a family member that was a mason for years.  But he never ever told me much about it.  I'm sure he knows what up above, so below means, but from them, I never heard that phrase once in my whole entire life.  I heard it on youtube for the first time ever in 2014.  I really still don't know what it means.  I really don't care much either.  Again the groups in America are weak, & will be easily overthrown by jews every 20-30 years.  What is the point of them?  The jews are the illuminati, are smarter than everyone else, and are the masters of subversion, lies, & overthrowing groups.

I can't tell if OTO is what they are trying to draw me into, or if it's just a common interest sort of quasi club, simply for people sharing common interests, that are all magicians?

I really can't tell also, what OTO has to do with magicians?  Or if it does or does not have anything to do with it.  What does thelena or thelema have to do with anything?  They also like the Pie symbol also that equals 3.14.  So in other words, when I researched OTO quite briefly, I only found things that don't seem to add up as to why magicians would be involved with this group.  It also doesn't seem that all too many celebs etc. are involved in this group.  They say world-wide, there are alot of poor people involved in OTO also?  Why?  I'm pretty sure that frats on college campuses also like Greek letters, and possibly Pie also? 
I always hated frats and frat guys.

Kenneth Anger.  I didn't know who this guy was, until I researched Manson heavily around 2010 on youtube.  I heard the name a couple of times, and still didn't know who he was.
Anger states he is a member of OTO, and has been for years, and is very high up in that. 
He publically states that.
Only recently did I even see on youtube what KA even looks like.  To me, he looks like an Italian guy.
Honestly, I don't support what he does, but when I look at his work, it is the highest quality of anyone elses out there in the America.  Therefore, he's the best one out there.  I've never seen anyone in the mainstream do it better than he does it.
I think the humans would be better off w/o magic, period.  The humans would be better off farming & in the Iron Cross.
Magic in general simply shows me how "overpopulated we are."  KA or not, yeah he's great at what he does, but never the less, we are overpopulated and that's the bottom line.  I couldn't fully support KA, based on this alone.
I will state this.  KA is better at magic than anyone else out there.  KA is the best one in America, that I've seen.
Now if you went to Italy, or Europe, I'm sure KA would find some competetion.  I don't know what it is, but I'm sure he would.  What does that then say about MTV, and all the other magicians out there then in America?  Shouldn't they just wrap it up then, if they simply can't compete with the quality of KA's work?  I watched a documentary on him, and he says that none of these young ones that run MTV and whatnot ever invite him to make music videos for them, and stuff.  I'd agree with him, they are all idiots, I think they should allow KA to make music videos for MTV.  I think they should give him money, & see what he does.  If you're going to do something, do it right.  They give the youth 1/4, and 1/2, but the guy that does it the best, is in the shadows, unable to catch a big break, to influence the whole entire youth of the nation in one shot with his high quality.  This is the paradox of our world.  I can sympathise with KA on that aspect.  They used to say in America, "The best man for the job, the most qualified should get the job."  Wow, did that logic go out the fucking window like forever now.

My friend that was killed, was a known member of the SAG.
Screen Actors Guild.
I even knew this when he was alive.  It said it on his resume, and I know nation wide, barely anyone is in this club, except for so few people.  My friend was in it, even though he wasn't an A-side celeb.
Perhaps, they want to draw me into this?
Idk, I can only speculate.   I once heard possibly that to get into the SAG you have to be in a movie, and on a tv show or something, I forget the order.  I have zero clue if this still applies or something?  Perhaps you have to be on a sitcom first, then a movie next?  I wouldn't know.

Are they trying to draw me into the freemasons? 
I doubt it.
I could have got into that on my own, with my family connections if I wanted to.
I turned everyone down, thus far.
Based on what I saw, I wasn't that interested in it.
Again, all the best ones are all dead now, in my opinion.
And the best mason I ever knew, was in the military, first, before he became a mason.
That's why he was the best one.
The freemasons seemed to be founded by the jews a really long time ago, within their doctrine.
They are easily overthrown, most are so dumb.  Any group is like this though.  They'll be overthrown every 20 to 30 years.
The freemasons will never be the same as they were, after the guys that worked in mills in the Iron Cross in this country, joined them and the shriners by the 60's and 70's.  Now dingbats have entered the masons.  It's a waste of time to join now.  They were good, because they had military men in there, & men that were in the steel mills for years.  That's the reason why they were good.  Not because they were a freemason first.   Anyone that becomes a freemason first, is very capable of being snaky.  Therefore it's worthless to join this group or any of them, if they are heavily infiltrated, and snakes are in there.  What's the point?  You're trying to join a brotherhood, except you won't find one here.  Not any longer.
The freemasons allowed jews into their group via the years, by their own choice.  From time to time, members allow a jew into their group.  I think that says it all about their intelligence level right there.  They are saying from the start, "come on in, and overthrow me in 20 years jew, I love you."  Wow.  Sign me up in a hurry, I'll find a real brotherhood that sticks together here.  The Freemasons don't know anything about Hitler at all, but I do.

Are they trying to draw me into the music industry in general?
Things are so bad out there, and the control freaks seem to have things so controlled, it almost seems like
they won't just let anyone into the music industry these days, unless you have so many different qualities in one.
It seems extremely difficult to get into it these days.
Maybe this is all they are trying to draw me into? 
In other words, I would heavily speculate, that if you are doing a band out there, you're almost wasting your time nation wide, thinking you will ever get money at it.
The way the public has been so dumbed down, & so subverted, after the 1970's to present, so washed out,
it's almost impossible to form your own "diy indie conspiracy" that would allow you to create your own music industry, diy style, your own way, anywhere, & anytime you wanted to.
Go out and start finding the people nation wide that will stick with you, in your conspiracy, unless you have a "living wage" to pay them year after year.
I've tried.
This is abstract to me, the word, "Music industry", which is why I still don't understand.
Because I never ever knew what that even was?
I never got paid for any of my shows in dive bars.  I barely ever sold any CD's, I never made any money at it.
Some people do make lots of money at it.  But it's very few people nation wide that do.
The vast majority of people make like zero dollars at it, nation wide.

Are they trying to draw me into something else? 
I'm lost, and I wouldn't know about it existing.

Fast forward:
Some conclusions I've concluded about the entertainment industry are this.  I read a website recently that sums up how this is working.  It is one of those illuminati conspiracy theory websites.
I've concluded there is big money running this America.
I suspect that the public gave up in the 1970's.  That was about last call.
They said Nixon sold out the USA to foreign corporations in 1971.  That whole gold standard went away then, and the silver markets & gold markets skyrocketed.
If you invested $20,000 in silver in 1971, and cashed out in 1980, your silver would have been worth like $800,000 or something along these lines.
Ironically, the last window of opportunity the public had to fight back and take some power back was in the 1960's with the riots & force & terror in the streets.
Unfortunately, that's the way power works, & the people have always been apathetic.  I can see how people were so winded back then, they simply didn't think, "oh this is last call, I better become a full blown terrorist thug in the streets & fight back."  People just don't think like that.
But it was the ONLY window of opportunity, to fight back, and take control, ironically, it seems like to me.
In other words, I can tell my story to the public nation wide, and they are incapable of any change at all, based on what I'm going to tell people in my story.  The public gave up in 1971, as far as I can see.
The country was sold out, and guys like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and problably many others in the shadows came up out of that new system, where the money was taken off the gold standard. 
Something with the housing market also by the 1980's.  The people were barely able to make payments on a house back then, paycheck to paycheck, yet there were some at the top of the USA cashing in on them high interest rates, and high inflation was it back then?  They were raking in the money, while the common man, trying to make a house payment in the 80's was already enslaved to what was already there, & coming in the future.

So what happened was there are some on the top of this, with huge money, & huge control that are enslaving everyone else on the bottom with it.
All along, some people, very few people were working in the entertainment industry had some pull & connections, ever since the 60's and later.  They bred their kids up into that, & their kids almost became like these mind control slaves, born 100% from cradle, up into that life.  Like you are going to be a musician, or entertainer, you are bred for this.
That's what mainly took over in our current mainstream, ever since 2010, after my friend was murdered in a jail cell in 2008. 
It's almost like them tween model kids, and their psycho parents, that put their kids through that hell & misery, because they want to live through their kids lifes, but mainly it's about money & control.  Some parents want the money off of their kids.  They claim Micheal Jackson was like this.  They say Joe Jackson was a ruthless dictator, & never gave his kids like Micheal a childhood.  The media and public saw this in how MJ acted in later years in front of the media.  Alot of the public looked at him as a real mental freak in the early 2000's how he was acting.  He was like 40 or 50 and acting like he was 5.

This website and this underground musician that was going on one night in an interview with myself, we were talking the musical talk, hinted at this also, in his own way, exactly what this website said, also, when I was randomly researching 13 secret societies recently.  This underground musician I know and what he said, "sums up the same exact thing this website is saying."

This website states, these people are generally heavily controlled, even the president of the USA, but every so often some diy person slips through the cracks.  The powers that be, the ones in the shadows running the USA don't crack down on the one diy one that made it on their own, because they want to give the rest of the people nation wide, the illusion that, "oh you can make it too, everyone can make it, this is the land of opportunity in America."  In reality, it's all a guise.
It wouldn't be a guise, if we had an alert public.  But as I stated previously, the public can't be woken up, for reasons already previously stated.  American society is gone & has been gone.  I also once heard a quote, "There is only one, there ain't no two at nothing."  Charles Manson said that.  My buddies quote in this interview, when we were talking about this one artist that made it, my buddy goes, "Yeah it's a sign of hope, that not everything is just black and white, there are some shades of grey out there, it's a sign of hope."  I mean he summed it up in his own words, years ago, in our little interview I didn't really release much of it at all.
It just goes to show, I found this conspiracy theory website in 2014.  He was saying the same thing in 2010.

Numerology connections:

I asked my family in the last 5 years or so, why did you give me the name you gave me, when I was born?
I wanted to see if they were involved in anything them own selfs.
I asked my grandparents if my parents are my real parents, and if they are secretly in the CIA.
They laughed and always said no, and those are your real parents.  You are not adopted or anything out of the ordinary.
I asked them about my name and they said, "no reason."
It's just a name.
I said well you can see how some people out there, think this means something right?
They just laugh and say, ah that's bullshit. 
My mom tells me a different story.  She chose it for a reason, but it's totally ridiculous again as to her bullshit thinking on this.  I'm not going to make this public because it is none of your business.  I will say this though.
The reason they chose my name was NOT for numerology, and has nothing to do with numerology.
There is a reason my mom chose my name for me, and it's ridiculous.  Again, you have to wonder how mental my parents truly are, for acting like they are normal, yet they go and do shit like this, and act like I won't see instant flaws in their logic, that cancels every other thing out.  Ridiculous.  But for my update here, my focus is strictly on numerology, and ironically the numerology in my name has nothing to do with anything.  They laugh at me, when I confront them with it, and say this seems to mean something, does it?  Why did you choose this?  They tell me over and over again, "they didn't choose it like that to mean anything."  They chose my middle name, because somebody else had that also in my family.  Just as families do, down the chain, people give newborns, other peoples names from peoples names in the past, in the family.   We see this time and time again.   John Joe Smith and Mary Johnston have a kid named Chuck and they call him, Chuck John Smith.  They took the John from the father.  You know things like that, in all them combos that there could possibly be.

The problem with this, is my grandparents know them own selfs there are alot of dingbats out there in the world.
They say it everyday.  Too many assholes.  I wouldn't mind if about 5 billion people were wiped off the earth.
That would be good.

My grandparents are the ultimate paradox.  What they preach & what they practice are like two different things, yet they still keep saying over and over again, "too many dingbats," on broken record, my whole life, I've heard that.

They offer someone something, that dingbats will feed into, yet they say over and over again, the solution is to kill the dingbats, yet they haven't killed any of the dingbats them own selfs.  They simply talked about it their whole life, that it would be a GREAT thing to do. 
Don't you think that sets a new born child up for disaster in the future?
No one asked to be born here.  No one asked for their own name.  Somebody else gave the child that name.  The child itself didn't give itself that name.
Understand that.
But again, to dingbats, & the dingbats that are running things, trying to convince socio-paths & dingbats them own selfs of something, is like a young female model trying to fuck a 90 year old man w/o viagra.
Try convincing a dingbat socio-path, nitwit, incompetent fucking asshole that runs the world, that a child didn't ask to be born here, & that a child didn't name themselves.  Go try it.  They'll sit there and be like, "well there name has all this numerology in it, they must have been born in the stars, up above, so below, sands of time, pie symbol, 13, 31 = 88.  Heil Hitler, Hitler was born on 4-20 but so was Crowley, & 4-20 doesn't actually mean Hitlers birthday, or smoking weed, but it means something different, but that's not it either.  That child that was born into this world, knows all of that instinctually, and is special.  There aren't 10,000 other people out there that were not born in 82, and they aren't 31 years old in the year 2013, or anything like that.  Them 10,000 other people are benign, it's in the stars man, I know what I'm doing, because I actually look up at the stars, & know what's real, when Lincoln Love Log said years ago, "what's real?"  Let's base our whole entire lifes off this man.  The scientific method is fake man.  Water really doesn't turn to ice in the winter time man.  We can't prove that.  Water turns into stars in the winter man.  Or it turns into 31 gold nuggets in exactly 2013.  But what happens in 2066 man?  Idk yet.  I already know that in 2029 the stock market will crash to zero, & in 2033 the new Hitler will take power though.   

Me, I don't follow numerology, and I'm sick of it.
I'm also not an astrologer, nor an astronomer. 
I also never followed anyones signs, on their birthdays, and read anything into them at all.
The problem:  There are dingbats out there that are the incompetent fucking assholes running this world, that are control freaks, that have zero concious, that have zero care or concern, they are terrorists, they are dead inside, & they are running the world, and they DO follow numerology.  They DO believe in numerology.  They DO follow numerology.

I had a dingbat so-called-friend once, that said to me, "I don't believe in numerology."  I used to be in bands with him.  When I first started to discover that numerology even existed in around the mid 2000's, I confronted him with that, and told him, "I think there is more to this here, I'm looking into it, and I think it's real," and immediately he also blew it all off as a bunch of b.s. and said, "I don't believe in numerology."
Well, that's fine.
But, the sad reality is, people that run this world, that do know things most people don't know, DO believe in numerology and are DOING THINGS based on numerology, so now what?
I'm NOT saying you should believe in it,
It also seems to me that they run the whole entire world based on it, also.
Should you just deny it, and act like it doesn't exist?
Should you name your kids names that have numerology in them at birth?
Why do people do this?
What is the benefit, or what is to gain from it?
Should you pander to psychos that run the world, that DO use numerology, and almost set yourself up for disaster, when your kids grow up down the road?
Or should you just be yourself, and name your kids whatever you want to, based on nothing at all?

The problem with this, is I just discovered something.
Manson wasn't lying when he said, "I know everything."
"I'm the king of the underworld guy, I control who does what and where they do it at."
I just know he wasn't lying when he said, "I know everything."
What I'll tell you soon, will prove that people that are in the know, in the underworld, do know everything.
Especially ones that are still alive & thriving in the underworld. 
Those are the ones that know everything. 
The ones that die obviously didn't know too much.
You know all the 14 - 21 year old gang members out slanging drugs, that get bumped off in the streets left & right.
They didn't know much of anything.
There is something going on here now, that I didn't even think of before.
And I seriously doubt anyone else, anywhere knows it, or has thought about it before.
But I just discovered it in 2014 for the first time ever.
I will say this.
The fake black guy in the white house now, definitely knew this in 2008.
I first learned about it in 2014.
You see, what this leads to is Obama is also in the white house, because of my celeb friend being murdered.
And the underworld enabled this, because "they know everything."
There are alot of "other races besides white people in underworld gangs in prison in the underworld."
You know in the underworld, you have black, mexican, asian gangs and so forth.  You don't just have Charles Mansons in the underworld, and he's really old now, what can he do?
They'd obviously like to see a "colored president." 
No white person wanted to see that, unless they have a weak ass mentality, which so many do.
That's why this is so heavy, why there is a conspiracy running the USA, it is almost like a mafia running this USA, and again it's only because the public is so weak, & so dead, and I'm sick of this shit.
I don't think the public is "weak" neccessarily, but they are so apathetic, and so dead.  They want to sleep, v.s. try to do anything.  That's the problem we face.  They aren't "weak."  Bush proved that.  Bush was weak.  And they call Bush the weak leading the strong.  The public is weak in their mentality though.  That's their weakness.  They don't want to change, & don't want to learn new things.  They don't want to get involved with anything.  It's not a weak bone or body or muscle structure.  It's a weak mentality.

Crowley & Magic:
I never knew who crowley was.  My parents or grandparents never ever told me about him.
I first learned about him on youtube, being in underground bands, and looking into that scene, problably in the early 2000's, for the first time.
Some band back in the day used the phrase, "do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law."
I can't remember who the band was, but they had tatoos, they were gothic, they were wierd, they pierced themselves, and their fans looked like idiots. 
I always remember feeling bad vibes there. 
I never fully invested in that slogan, my own self, because of how it was marketed to me, on my very first impression of it.
It wasn't my scene.

Ironically, I do basically live my life like that, for the most part.
I do basically do whatever I want to do, on my own will, like.
My dad & grandfathers were like that also, but they never knew who crowley was.
If they would have, I would have heard about crowely ever since I was a kid.
Nobody in my family ever told me about him one single time.
I heard about who Hitler was.  Regean, Bush as a young child.
When I was a kid I heard about who a few people were in the Italian Mafia.
I heard a bunch of steel mill workers names, when I was a kid.
I knew who Johnny Carson was when I was a kid.
I knew who Andy Griffith, the original Batman in the 60's was, Lucille Ball was when I was a kid.
I knew who Alf was.
I never heard Crowley though one single time in my whole entire life, though, until the 2000's, until the internet.
When looking at him on the internet, I can tell, I would have never been drawn to that guy, never ever in my whole entire life.  There is something I immediately don't like about him in frequency, just looking at him.
I like Hitler though.  I would have been drawn to Hitler, looking at him in frequency, if I existed back then.

Ironically, w/o ever knowing who Crowley was one single time in my whole entire life,
I sort of fit into his catch slogan phrase there, a tad, but not all the way.
I don't do it all.  I'm against tatoos, piercings, drugs, smokers, girls that burn candles, girls that shop, girls that have domesticated animals, body degregation.

I would have incest with my own daughter, if I ever have a daughter in the future.
I would drive down a one way street, at night, the other way, going straight on into the cars coming at me.
I would take 3 sips of beer and drive around black ghettos at night, w/o a seatbelt on past cops.
You know things like that.
I do somewhat do what I want to do, shall be the whole of my own law.
I picked up on how dumb most people are a really long time ago, and just about how much you can get away with in this country, no matter who you are. 
But so many linear 9 to 5ers out there, think that rules & laws actually exist in the USA, and are so absurd, they follow them to a key, and if you come close to these people, they try to lay the law down on you too, and suck you up into their web.
They don't even realise the absurd web they are caught up into, and how much you could get away with in this country.
I picked up on that a long time ago, my own self, w/o even ever knowing who crowley even was & never knowing his doctrine.

In modern times this was solidified.  I grew up around people that knew thugs in the inner cities.  I think as a child, perhaps I only felt that in frequency, that just about anything was allowed in America.  But after 2008, we saw how many thugs in inner cities, stole $20,000 worth of gas, and how many thugs were cutting copper out of even live power lines, in inner cities, it got so bad, to scrap them for cash, at scrap yards.  Obviously, there are no laws in America in reality, with we the people, seeing this on the news in 2008, right before our very eyes, after the countries stock market crashed 1/2 way down.  When I was a kid, I think I only felt that frequency.  Now we know though, as adults, it's true.  2008 proved alot to us.  In other words, I knew to do whatever you wanted, basically more or less, was the whole of the law, even w/o having one clue who Crowley ever was growing up.  I never heard his name mentioned one single time in my whole life.  But I knew thugs existed in Chicago growing up.  I also knew gang members existed in Chicago growing up.  I saw their graffitti as a kid, on garages, on my own block. 

With that background said, for some reason, I have magical abilities.
I can make something, out of nothing. 
I can upload it to youtube, and this is what some people in the world are getting paid big bucks for.
I naturally have that talent to do things like that.
Alot of people don't.

When I did my magic, I never had much of any intent with it, in fact none.
Very rarely did I ever actually mean something by what I was pumping out there.
I was just doing alot of random things fast, just to promote my music in my outsider bands.
Something inside of me though, just said to do it anyway.
It's the combo of the modern computer age we grew up in, v.s. the dead political American terror climate we grew up in.
It problably had something to do with the 2000's and not liking the dead climate I was living in.
It also had to do with me being very young & very energetic.
Somebody once said in an interview, and I always laugh at this, because it seems so "something?"
Is "trite the word?" 
"If I didn't do this music, ok, I'd be in prison right now."
There problably is some truth to that, ironically, even for my own self, I had so much extra energy growing up, I had to vent that somewhere.
If I didn't have a computer, some pictures, photoshop, paint, a video camera, a vcr, a dvd, a laptop, some wires, and windows movie media maker,
and say I was given a gun for a present instead, some psychotropic drugs, didn't have parents, and grew up on the streets instead.
See what I mean?
I mainly fell into this, because I started making public access shows in the early 2000's to document my bands, goof around, and do comedy.
That led to me trying to create my own full length movie.
That led to me realising, damn, after what I went through with this movie, it took me like 30 days straight, 8 hours a day to edit this thing, and I lost it completely when I had it, then had to start over and do it again, the 2nd time it only took me a few days though, because I knew what I was doing then,
I said to myself,
man, I see some of these music videos some of these underground bands are releasing on the internet to promote their music and tours, and they are like 5 minutes long and shit, damn I just made an 82 minute film, that I flimed off and on for 2 years, and took me 30 days to edit it,
I said to myself,
damn, I could pop out like 5 minute music videos all day long, that's easy shit, that's like downplaying what I've already done, & where I've already been.
That progression, led me into music videos that were shorter.
But then by the end, when I saw how few plays I had, how I never made a dime, and I think I saw how whack the public was, so I started degrading anything quality, down to total slop for public entertainment, and I literally stopped caring after a while.  I just released anything, and never cared about anything.
I just took a bunch of pictures I found on the internet, slopped them all together, and put my music over it, and said, "this is boring the shit out of me, everyone is so dead, fuck this, I don't care anymore, about anything.  This country is so dead, no one is worth anything."
If you think my work ever meant anything, sadly you are mistaken.
It was just boredom and energy I had.  I figure, I could go buy some guns, and pent my anger that way, or I could just make random music videos, and pop them out super quickly, sometimes in about 10 minutes or less, then upload them to youtube. 
My goal was to fill up 5 minutes of space, on a 5 minute music video, so people had something to look at, while listening to my songs, v.s. nothing to look at.
I saw how many videos on youtube had just one picture for the whole entire 5 minute music video.
I immediately said to myself, I have to put 100 pictures in here, v.s. just one.  Then it will look like more like a music video.  I will beat all the people that only put one picture in theres, instantly.
That will teach em, how I can beat them out on every single level they try, I'll beat them. 
Maybe the people will look at mine, if it has 100 pictures, v.s. just the one picture?
I tried that tactic.
Then after a while, I started to also see the beauty in just one picture only.  But I never actually did it my own self, that I can remember.
So I guess w/o trying to be a magician, in other peoples eyes, I became one.
It was all random.
There was alot of anger, and I didn't like Chris Hansen, Bush, the neo-cons, and a bunch of other subhuman trashe out there, so I think part of what I was doing, was also saying fuck you, to people like that also.
Sometimes blatantly.
Sometimes I made music videos with their pictures in my music videos, and I put a song called,
"In a hearse" over it, that I wrote to fuck with them.

My song "In a Hearse" is only about trying to have sex with a white girl in the back of a hearse, problably my own daughter someday down the road if I ever have one, but I get the impression the public mis-interpreted the song, via the years.
I wouldn't know though, since there is no communication.

Never-the-less, I fed into the conspiracy theory, and put pictures of celebs I didn't like, Chris Hansen, Bush, neo-cons, bankers, etc. in the video, over the song playing in the background, to fuck with them, because they think it means something other than what I meant by it.
So I let them have what they think it meant.  See how that works?
If they think it means their death, then I fed that too them, to give them what they wanted, just for them, complete with their pictures in the video over my song, to show them.

You know things like that.

Just to show people that if they mis-interpret my song, then I'll put your picture in the music video, over my song, and therefore you can then make it be whatever you want to be, with your picture over it, once & for all.
That will teach you to have an opinion regarding my work & then spreading that opinion around.

I don't have to state what my work means.
And nobody ever asked me one single time any questions like, "Hi, what does your work mean?"
So I don't know what to tell you.
If you interpret somebodys work, or a person a certain way, and it isn't true, then I don't know what to say, except
that's what you wanted.  That must be how you view yourself in the mirror then, & I caught you in the act.

In other words if you see a hearse, and you think of death, that must mean, when you look at yourself in the mirror, that must mean that you want to die then.  So do it then.  Commit Suicide.

There is much more to this story coming in the future.
To be continued....

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