I started Stevie Hayes Records in 2002.  Shr was pure and amazing.  I have demos from 2006 for sale.  These are CDRs burned and put together by me, all my labor, by hand.  These demos are very limited.  Many people out there still have them in the USA and world.  Many are signed, by me, Stevie Hayes, with a black marker.  I often did this, secretly, to a few talented musicians, in the underground, even since 2013.  I did this, because this limited lot, of 666 copies total, released on 6-6-06, for the first time, will be worth $, someday.  There are 50 signed copies, at best.  I did this, so, other musicians in the scene, that I support their work, can one day make some $, off of this lot.  I never told anyone, previously, why I did this.  If you want to buy one of the remaining demos, text 219 671 five zero eight three, and send me cash to    Legend.  po box 645, dyer, IN, 46311. USA.  There are at most 50 copies left, that I have.  I can sign more, if you want.  Write me a letter, with what you want signed, and what you want it to say.  This is a piece of history.                        I would like closure, on this lot, because when I produced this lot, I did not know what I was doing, fully.  This is a unique contribution, in the history, that bears my nativity, innocence, pure and amazingly beautiful crazy life, & one of my star names, that I created living in the absolute natural & fortuitous, 2000-2002 college dorm, exploration, order.  Shr is in the stars, up above, far below.  I hope to thrust this full lot, out there, away from me, once and for all, bringing closure to this dark era.  If this lot ever ends up for sale in the marketplace, for high bids, there would be strange beauty in that, because it would be officially out of my hands.  I don't shop.  I don't support most products out there on this market.  My demos serve as a fuck you reflection, as to how realistically degraded America was, is, and has become, in reverse order.  It is nearly impossible to change people, this way, but my demos, with ripped off, collage artwork, pictures off the internet, yet, with original music, but sometimes, with ripped off sound clips, (and I was told, once in 2002, I can do this), if they sold, for high prices, on the market, would make me Chuckie, chickie, chuckle, but only for a moment, because I love it that, to those that actually knew what they were doing, will forever view shr as a punchline.  I will die with a joyful heart, knowing how pure and amazing I was, during dark, terrorist times, where I invented musical terrorism, producing a naive, washed out, innocent, pure and amazing, yet unique, Renaissance mystical, magical, musical contribution, unique, in the history, that bears my starr name.  I don't care about people that do not know what they doing and I'm not laughing at them.  Live and let live.  $ is for fools, anyway, and I gave plenty of people their free $, anyway, with my magic penis heart of gilded gold, anyhow.  It is difficult to change certain sects, if they ever did buy & sell this lot on the market.  I won't laugh so much as I will be relieved in a way, that it will finally be out of my hands.  Then, if I ever did a new release, in the future, then finally, I could start fresh, from scratch, and would/could do something fully original, art-work-wise.  The early history of this label is irregular, erradic, and irrelevant.  Just go back for millennium, and you will find plenty of figures whom are still hated.  Mistakes on this level are not relevant, because this is the way the public has treated purity, beauty, glory, and amazement, all throughout history.  Ask Christ, Satan, or Hitler, for details, and those guys were great, greater than mycontributions.  Me.  I'm simply the ultimate, and chosen one, of my degraded, washed out generation, but remember this and now understand this.  You bred them.  You created them.  I did not.   - Stevie Rays Hayes aka "The artist futerly known as LEGEND."   Stevie Rays Hayes is a Legend & This is his story.  - 11-13-2015
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