Stevie Hayes Records

Stevie Hayes Records is a full blown dictatorship.  Stevie Hayes is a full blown dictator.  He is not the greatest dictator to ever live, but already, he is responsible for 2 million deaths & murders in this world.  Hitler was responsible for 50 million.

Stevie Hayes Records is against tattoos, drugs, whores, prostitutes, and more piercings than just one single piercing in a females ears only.   I'm against tattoos, piercings, drugs, whores, prostitutes, secret societies, the government, spies, theifs, America, & everything about this modern whack system.  I'm against bad attitudes and stupid white people.  If I could I would execute all spies one hour after they are caught.  I would give spies an instant brutal death penalty.  Spies are my number one enemy on my list.  Spies are public enemy number one.  There was a poster in the wild west.  Spies:  Wanted dead or dead.
Some people join the CIA to spy for a living.  They go to the middle east, or around the world, they try to befriend the local population, they try to fit in.  However, when they are caught by that country, they are immediately executed for treason, and violating the constitution of the world.  Spies are committing treason to the USA constitution, are in violation of federal law, and the punishment for treason to the USA constitution is an immediate death sentence.  Spies are my enemies, and I will give them an immediate death sentence, if they are caught.  Think about how dangerous it is if you decide to become a spy for a living, by joining the CIA.  The problem with our modern world is the 1% has ample $ to spy themselves or hire spies.  You will find the spies in our 1% in our own American system, spying on us Americans.  I'm also against this.  I'm against all spies, period the end.  I don't care who they are.  The trash is in our own American system.  We need to go to war with ourselves.  America v.s. America.  This is the final war in the world.  The good v.s. the evil, right here in America.  There are bad apples infiltrated into every system, group, and entity, within America.  This is why I'm against America.  Maybe it was once great previous to Abe Lincoln in the 1850's.  However, ever since 1850, America has been shit.  George Washington was an authoritarian leader like Hitler, & Andrew Jackson.  He immediately executed treasonous traitors, spies, pieces of garbage like Abe Lincolns kind & he did eventually get assassinated of course, but it took the Knights of the Golden Circle, and it should not have had to have been that way, and etc.  The very word Secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society. 

Don't underestimate my power, or my words, as one lone wolf either.  I've already put 2 million bodies in the ground, dead.  If you think I have no power, you are greatly mistaken to take me for granted.  How many bodies have you put in the ground, your own self?  I put 2 million bodies in the ground, with my mind, and magical powers.  I am sick of people that think I'm a joke, or laugh at me, or don't believe it.  What don't you understand?  I am already responsible for 2 million murders & deaths in this world.   You can take your police, your military, your secrecy, and all your corrupt to the core bullshit groups, and shove them up your ass.  With me, one lone wolf, full blown dictator, I have 1 million times more power in my pinky finger, mind, body, & soul, than all of you idiots, dingbats, dimwits, pissants, peons, pikers, slaves, losers, & deadbeats, combined.   I have so blatantly obviously shown you, your ancient dinosaur tactics are worthless, and do not work.  I outmanuveur you from every angle, and on and from every single front.  I have a great idea for you.  Laugh.  Don't ever take me seriously.  Joke and laugh it up.  Everything in this life is a big fucking joke.  Everything I say is just a big fucking joke.


Satan's Scrotum aka Frankenstoner - The Driving Thru Gary (original album).
(your new bible! that will be worshiped in the year 4,000!)
A- guitar, drums, bass, vocals.
I dubbed this off the actual tape on 12-9-14 for a real copy.
I wrote this album in 2001 and I recorded it in 2002 for the first time.
Then I recorded it with me as a one man band in 2003 spring.
I then recorded it in a pro studio in 2004, in Cleveland, OH $1,000's of dollars.
This studio was owned by Jimi Hendrixes cousin or something?
I can't decide on the name for now, due to some business issues.
It was called at various points in the timeline.
1. Stevie Hayes
2. Satan's Scrotum
3. Frankenstoner
4. FrankenSpirituallyAlive
5. FrankenPharaoh
6. FrankenBoner
7. https://archive.org/details/TheBigDeliciousThugs-TheCrackFuckAlbumKingsOfGutter-core
8. https://archive.org/details/TheSegregationOfMr.Luigi
9. https://archive.org/details/GrindAsFuck
10. Chico's Prizon
11. Ritual Crack
12. Taking Back Gary!
13. Ritual Static - (Stevie Hayes on original drums 2001-2004)
14. The Big Bang - (Stevie Hayes on original drums fall 2002)
15. Dark Vanity Acid - (Stevie Hayes on original drums 2004-2007)
16. *  I've wanted to call it something else for years now, but due to business issues, have never used this name public, yet.*

Compilation CDs (I've been on many more comps under various band names, some are pro releases, some were never finished, some are for sale on discogs.com)

google.com search for
stevie hayes records compilation CD, unconstitutionalism in the usa


The Stevie Hayes Records label and some various band are reviewed in this zine that was hand printed and you can buy the printed version from this company.  The issue SHR is in was in 2011 or 2010.


There was a free .zip up years ago, for this compilation

"Most Unholy Convergence"

100+ bands on CD-ROM in Mp3 format. Far too many bands to list here, although we might make a link available soon to the tracklisting. A pretty good sampler - although by no means exhaustive - ov the current underground. Comes in a DVD style case.

Produced by: Dan o))) from S.O.D.D. 2010

Length: 100+ tracks, bloody long! $20NZD

Released on Satanica: 5 June 2010


I think I'm on this MUC compilation CD with some of my SHR bands.  Let me know if I am or not.

I am on guest vocals on one song that made it to this album under Stevie Hayes.  There is also another song on this album that mentions my name in the song, in the lyric.  I also did guest vocals on 2-3 other songs from this band in 2006, and I have the songs here, but I'm not sure if they were ever released or not. 


This is a project where I, Stevie Hayes play drums, guitar, bass, and vocals on every song, except for one song zip zip zoom, there is this native american prisoner on guest vocals & synths for this version he produced in his home studio, where he added layers on top of my base track, and my composition I created.  I improvised this whole entire album.  I made it up out of thin air.  First there was nothing.  I then started with drums into thin air, then I added bass and guitars over that, all improv after this.  Then sometimes I added vocals, all improv, over this.  This whole album was freestyled, off the cuff, me creating something out of thin air, when there was nothing there before.

There used to be 100's of free .zips up for free downloads from various artists I had on my record label.  They are out there somewhere in the ways they were up ever since around 2008 until around 2013, but I took the vast majority of them down.  There were 1000's of free songs in .mp3s people from my label produced themselves, and pictures and information in notepad files.  I just learned the very hard way, what niggers people are, after 2008.  The anger was always there.  Eventually I grew tired of people just taking my stuff for free, and having no morality, ethics, or decency in the slightest.  Furthermore, they then stole my ideas, and made them mainstream, and made billions of dollars off of my ideas, I'm obviously entitled to.  I took the vast majority of the free .zip packages down by 2012 and 2013, due to this fact.  You are a nigger.  What is left, is just scraps, of what once was.  This is about 1/20 of what once was up, when this label shone so bright, back then, and with all of my long hard work, and dedication to this.  This was some sort of unintended modern day social experiment.  Often times I did write updates asking for donations and $ from the masses.  I listed my Po Boxes and numbers and emails on the web for years, during the time these free .zips were up.  However, the masses never donated once.  Only a couple of people ever tried to help me out, but often times I realised it years later.  What I was looking for was a group of people with morality, integrity, decency, honesty, discipline, and ethics.  There was none to be found.  I was looking for $1,000's of dollars cash to show up in my po box, gold, silver, gifts, panties, bras, or whatever, but nothing was ever found.  If I gave all of that stuff away for free, for years, then it was like, you think some people would have gave some donations, just on their own, w/o even havin to say to them, that it was required.  But none ever came.  This is what America is really like, and 2008, further shows what Americans are really like, and I'll remember 2008 forever, and the 2000's previously, and after 2008, forever, to show me what Americans are really like.  I'll never truly trust anyone ever again.  I saw the reality, the devils, the evil sides.  I was greatly ripped off instead.  Furthermore, some of the people I had signed to my label, ripped me off the most.  They were spying on me for years, secretly, and the new mainstream popped up from a few of them, some people are now millionaires as a direct result of my hard work, ideas, and label, existing for years.  I did not expect this in advance.  Had I would have known that this is how things work, in advance, I would have never done music, a label, or put my releases on the internet in the first place.  If someone would have drilled into my head, years ago, before I started, don't play music, don't pick up a guitar, don't play drums, don't create music, don't run a record label, but you see I didn't know what a record label even was or did, when I started in 2002, and I started it because no one came to me, and told me anything, or did anything for me, etc., but if someone could have convinced me in reality, to never ever do these sorts of things in the first place, you will get ripped off bigtime, for billions of dollars, etc., then I would have never done them, to begin with, but it is really hard to convince people of things, because there are no leaders at all in America.  Hitler was great at convincing people of things, but no one else, ever since, has been, in reality.  In order to convince the masses, you have to have lived it for real, with the real life, pain, and suffering for real, and also have the right prescence, to showcase that to the masses.  If you just gently, and calmly go up to the youth, and you look rich, wealthy, fat, and fat cat, greedy, rich, and spoiled, and say to the youth, "don't do that, you will get ripped off," in this lispy voice, you'll never convince anyone of anything.  And if you life is pretty good, overall, and you try to drill things into the youths heads for years, you'll never convince them of anything, because you are not a leader, living it for real, in looks, appearance, and actions, and how your lifestyle looks.  Your lifestyle looks pretty good.  You are not out in the gutter, in the streets, rotting, starving, and nearly dying for real, in a full blown great depression.  Who are you going to convince, if you have a pretty decent life, overall? 

Thanks Pages:
My band name, names, or name, may be thanked on these albums thanks pages that were released pro CD in 1000's of copies, but I am not sure at this time.  I can't remember exactly, but you can buy them, and try to find out for yourself.


I started Stevie Hayes Records in 2002.  SHR was pure and amazing.  I have demos from 2006 for sale.  These are CDRs burned and put together by me, all my labor, by hand.  These demos are very limited.  Many people out there still have them in the USA and world.  Many are signed, by me, Stevie Hayes, with a black marker.  I often did this, secretly, to a few talented musicians, in the underground, even since 2013.  I did this, because this limited lot, of 666 copies total, released on 6-6-06, for the first time, will be worth $, someday.  There are 50 signed copies, at best.  I did this, so, other musicians in the scene, that I support their work, can one day make some $, off of this lot.  I never told anyone, previously, why I did this.  If you want to buy one of the remaining demos, text 219 671 five zero eight three, and send me cash to    
Legend.  po box 645, dyer, IN, 46311. USA.  
There are at most 50 copies left, that I have.  I can sign more, if you want.  Write me a letter, with what you want signed, and what you want it to say.  This is a piece of history.                      
I would like closure, on this lot, because when I produced this lot, I did not know what I was doing, fully.  This is a unique contribution, in the history, that bears my nativity, innocence, pure and amazingly beautiful crazy life, & one of my star names, that I created living in the absolute natural & fortuitous, 2000-2002 college dorm, exploration, order.  Shr is in the stars, up above, far below.  I hope to thrust this full lot, out there, away from me, once and for all, bringing closure to this dark era.  If this lot ever ends up for sale in the marketplace, for high bids, there would be strange beauty in that, because it would be officially out of my hands.  I don't shop.  I don't support most products out there on this market.  My demos serve as a fuck you reflection, as to how realistically degraded America was, is, and has become, in reverse order.  It is nearly impossible to change people, this way, but my demos, with ripped off, collage artwork, pictures off the internet, yet, with original music, but sometimes, with ripped off sound clips, (and I was told, once in 2002, I can do this), if they sold, for high prices, on the market, would make me Chuckie, chickie, chuckle, but only for a moment, because I love it that, to those that actually knew what they were doing, will forever view shr as a punchline.  I will die with a joyful heart, knowing how pure and amazing I was, during dark, terrorist times, where I invented musical terrorism, producing a naive, washed out, innocent, pure and amazing, yet unique, Renaissance mystical, magical, musical contribution, unique, in the history, that bears my starr name.  I don't care about people that do not know what they doing and I'm not laughing at them.  Live and let live.  $ is for fools, anyway, and I gave plenty of people their free $, anyway, with my magic penis heart of gilded gold, anyhow.  It is difficult to change certain sects, if they ever did buy & sell this lot on the market.  I won't laugh so much as I will be relieved in a way, that it will finally be out of my hands.  Then, if I ever did a new release, in the future, then finally, I could start fresh, from scratch, and would/could do something fully original, art-work-wise.  The early history of this label is irregular, erradic, and irrelevant.  Just go back for millennium, and you will find plenty of figures whom are still hated.  Mistakes on this level are not relevant, because this is the way the public has treated purity, beauty, glory, and amazement, all throughout history.  Ask Christ, Satan, or Hitler, for details, and those guys were great, greater than mycontributions.  Me.  I'm simply the ultimate, and chosen one, of my degraded, washed out generation, but remember this and now understand this.  You bred them.  You created them.  I did not.   - Stevie Rays Hayes aka "The artist futerly known as LEGEND."   Stevie Rays Hayes is a Legend & This is his story.  - 11-13-2015


I have always been seeking a white, true Aryan brotherhood, to do this band with, make videos with, create tv shows, movies, or public access shows, sitcoms with. 
I don't like being alone, or working alone, but out of all the pain & suffering I have gone through in America, in this bullshit whack system, I am against, I do not like what I see nation wide.  Yous are dead entities with no talent, and no lifeblood left.  Ever since I started operating in 1997 it has also been this way.  I'm against tattoos, piercings, drugs, whores, prostitutes, secret societies, the government, America, & everything about this modern whack system.  I'm against bad attitudes and stupid white people.  You better be very intelligent, & clever.


I'm seeking Saddam Husseine, Bin Laden, Muammar Gaddaffi, & Hitler to join my band. 

I can create a better system in America in 2 weeks, than has existed in America since 1800.
I would empty out every school, in every single city in America, and indoctrinate kids, from age 5 and up, into farms, and farming.  Train the kids how to farm, and have them live in farms, nation wide.  This will eliminate the gang problem in cities, immediately, because there would be no population in the cities, of youth.  Every school in the city would become vacant.  I would get my people into political office, in cities, and bring back steel mills, somewhere, but they can come back in a high tech manner on native american reservations, built on man made, custom, high tech, pollution sucking lakes, and systems, with pollution liners, under the lakes, and above the mills.  But the problem is YOU.  You have to let me, the man be the man, sit down, take orders from me, and obey.  If you don't listen to me, you are doomed.  You are not the man.  I am the chosen one, of my generation.

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS


The trash is in America, within our own system.