American Greed is a good show.  It shows these bastards.
They rip off their constitutencies.
Then they go to prison.
Durham was good because he paid workers off $100 tips, everywhere. 
He lasted longer.
American Greed taught me something.
How dangerous doctrines are.
Yales Skull & Bones, once they elevate themselves into the highest position, or become elevated, then all the poison
individuals nation wide, become galvanized into a conglomeration, in all 50 states. 
You know it's all these bastards, that get busted on American Greed.  People like that exist, in all 50 states in America.
Think about when a doctrine like Yales Skull & Bones, gets into high position office, and galvanizes all of these monsters and evil types, and predators, that prey on their constitutiencies, normally.
So now it becomes a huge nation-wide conglomeration that is all held together, for a while, and the way the public is, it is hard to stop.  Many will pay.  If these evil monsters rip off their constitutiencies, normally, like them builders in Kentucky, then what happens, when Skull & Bones rises to the top of the USA, to galvanize all evil into a giant unit?  Then when one president says, "Yes, lets go to war," then who will stop this President, with all of this evil galvanized? 
Doctrines are the most dangerous thing on this earth.
Why are we born into this shithole, and forced to live here, under this evil? 
The public has to wake up, and families have to become strong again.  You have to raise your kids.  Immediately hang parents to
death in the public square if they fail to sterilize themselves, fail to use birth control, and fail to raise their kids.  
Enough is enough.
There are no other solutions.  Hang all parents that fail to raise their kids, to death!  The public has to get their head
out of their ass, and realize, that they don't have to be ripped off, and we must shut down SKULL AND BONES, from YALE with a
massive class action lawsuit against them, with all 300 million humans in the USA suing Skull & Bones, all at once!

What they are not talking about though, is the fact, that there is an "all seeing eye" with technology, that can spy on people in peoples homes, and that they cannot neccessarily be absolutely controlled by this 100%, but it is full blown psychological warfare against them, and people on the inside, are doing it, to select few people, here in the USA, and world.  And psy war is still war crimes, that can be brought to the International Criminal Court.  Psy war did not tell this shooter to shoot, and pull the trigger, but put yourself in our shoes, my shoes, Manson, Saddam, Ghadaffi, Bin Ladens shoes, so some other fake phony son of a bitch(es), can stand up on stage, feed off of us, and our ideas, strip the paint off of it, and take all the bows, such as your president / vp / congress / celebs / politicians / mayors etc., and they are all crooks, like my grandmother said, "politicians are all crooks," and they act like they are entitled to do this.  We are holding the entire weight of the liars, and cheats, in the USA, and beyond, on our shoulders, while others are out there, partying, preying, and fucking their brains out, on our "HORSE."  Yet someone else acts like they are the "HORSE," that holds all the weight, and puts the rainbow out front.  The way the public is, look at the doppleghangers and green men, in these businesses, in these 1776 star families, on the show UNDERCOVER BOSS, on tv.  See the South American boss on the Maaco one, and see the boss on the KOA one?  I went to high school, and was doing music in studios, with dopples of those people, in that episode.  Is that all coincidence, that these dopples end up with other dopples, in LA, and then in Chicago-land, and then in NYC, and then somewhere else, down south?  They all end up marrying people that look close to others, in other parts of the USA?  Is this accident, or in the stars, and because people like us are more advanced, naturally?  What is it?  Or are these others dirty cheats, liars, fakes, frauds, etc.? in 420-88-13-3.14?   And they are sharing intel nation wide, with anyone in that group, and never told me, this one time, because I am in no group, and was never told, by my elders to ever be in one?  What is it?  The boss said, "I'm the boss," to that girl, that's a star.  One looks like the guy in Triad, and the other the wife, of the green man, guy.  The south american boss, see how he offered the guy the vacation, and the employee worker guy, said, "me and my wife were just talking about that the other day."  And the south american boss man, kept a straight face, and said, some statement, like well congrats.  This is no accident or coincidence.  This is the "all seeing eye," watching that worker & his wife, inside of their house, with satellites in space, and other advanced technology they have these days, and this is why J Edgar Hoover is buried in a "lead lined coffin," because he knew that the only way to avoid satellites, was to communicate with co-conspirators in a lead-lined room, mostly found in a nuclear facility.  That boss man, gets bits and pieces, fed to him, from the "all seeing eye," and they are watching people in their homes, hacking all their computers, devices, phone lines, and they are basing decisions, based on that.  They have done this to me for years, and they feed me back bits and pieces, in the mainstream media, on their garbage commercials, in hollywood, in their mainstream pop singers, who tie into people, I knew and grew up with, but yet like a bunch of cheap motherfuckers, and cowards, all I grew up with, remain silent, and some baby boomers, have even called me mental.  Clearly look at this video above, and study it, and study, undercover boss, and see how this country is set up.
I have a guy in my family, just like that "boss" in the KOA, the CEO, just like his personality, and see how he was quick to cut in there, and say, "I'm the boss," to that one star girl, he gave all that money to, and whatever, and you can see he's getting bits and pieces, from my youtube videos, from that book Crucial Confrontations, I just read from, on youtube.  Clearly you see the Dwyer lady in Waco, Texas, The government are guilty for the branch davidions, and what they did to that preacher guy down there in 1993, is crying over the loss of her father.  She should concider herself lucky, that her father did not end up like Bud Dwyer.  She looks a bit like someone I had in my family, and her father looks like Hugh Hefner.  Furthermore, those people in my family were friends with Frank D'Rone, and that guy played on Playboy before years ago.  See these star families and how they are running swaths of the USA?   I met Frank D'Rone before, in fact.  
The game has been exposed, to me, and there is an "all seeing eye" and they are spying on you in your homes, especially if you are employees of their companies.  They act like you are useful, now, after this trouble, and 2008's, but they are spying on you, to give you that money.  This is bullshit, cowardly, and America is out of intelligence, and puts band-aids over bullet holes.  Americans are cowards.  USA is cowards.  The USA is full of shit, lies, cheats, liars, the all seeing eye, spying on you in your house.   The feds did not address these issues, in their news reel there, and if you LIE, you DIE.  They act like they are the archetype of peace, reason, intelligence, responsibility, when if this is the best they put up on the news, to rep them, imagine what the others in the agency are like.  Even their so called best, is with-holding information.  And he doesn't know it?   What a fake and fraud.  Look, there is no 1/2 truth.  There is either truth, or lies.   There is not 2 at nothing.   And all of these authors, and 79's, and 39's, are all the same shit.  They tell you this one thing, but they don't tell you the full story.  They don't talk about what I'm talking about, and telling you right now.        

Furthermore, Hitler said, "the majority of people, have no eyes, and ears for history, and those that don't know about it, repeat it."   Hitler and the 1776 founding fathers were the only right ones, out there.  Everyone else is full of shit.  The best people on earth, are already dead, they died in the WW2 graveyards.   Even the people that died in Vietnam, were not as good, but they were still better than anyone alive, today.  All the best people in America, died in the 60's, and that isn't saying much, because the best on earth were dead by 1945.  People in America are not looking at Bud Dwyer, or the Branch Davidians, or Waco, Ruby Ridge, or 1991 Iraq War, or Yales Skull & Bones, or 9-11-2001 even.  They are trying to forget, and they make cheesy statements to the mainstream tv, showing you, and me, that they are doing everything they can to forget the past, because they cannot handle it.  Fuck that.  Hitler was right, they are wrong. 
They forgot that Yales Skull & Bones was v.s. Yales Skull & Bones, in the 2004 Presidential Election.  How could they forget that, already? 

And one of the workers in Maaco looked like a Mexican Benjamin Wesley Meyers a tad, but not all the way.

There isn't much I don't know about what is going on in America, since I've been the real president of the USA, in the shadows, because there are 3 of them, here, since 2008. 

But since no one told me, this since I was a kid, all of this time has been wasted, to provide the solutions needed to solve this USA.   I'm furious.  I don't care about your system, but I see everything, and as they show me, more, on tv, like they have been, in bits & pieces for years, and I've seen most of it, for years, and years, I'll learn more and more, and I still won't care, more than likely, because of the war crimes, and psy war you are committing against me.

Now based on a fb message I recieved recently, with a scam thing that said, "microsoft bill gates will pay you $230 dollars" soon, in a long mass email, it is code that Bill Gates, may be the culprit, watching me, in my house, I had a neighbor that used to work for him, that I don't give a fuck about, and never did, since grade school, so does he feel entitled, to watch me, in my house, with satellites, and feed the intell down to Taylor Swift, who feeds it down, to Kesha, and Kelsea Bellerini, and other radical feminists?   Is the culprit Bill Gates, or the billionaires?   That adds up, absolutely, because duh, they are billionaires.   If they couldn't tap into satellites, who could?  If billionaires could not do it, then could poor people do it, in the ghetto? 
It adds up. 
Richard Nixon created this in 1971, and the billionaires existed, since 1980.
I'd rather see all the billionaires, end up like that handicapped kid, in the streets of Chicago.  I wish it was a billionaire, in that wheel chair, being tortured, by 4 black kid savages, instead!  And politicians!  And presidents, and VP's!  And journalists!  That's what I'd like to see!   Quality entertainment! 

And we know that Bill Gates leads down to Taylor Swift, because of that clean water invention Bill did, the same time, that Taylor Swift was on instagram, on a pier, looking at clean blue water.  This is how you know the two are in cahoots.  And in my house a day before that I was talking to myself, about how the water in America is shit, and full of diahrhea, and yet we shit and piss into our own water, and then drink it, on the other end. 
A day later, we saw Bill & Taylor do this, on their thing, and they've spoke in codes to me, forever now, for years, not just on this.  Kesha too, and other mainstream celebs, too. 
One is worth 200 million.  The other 60 billion.  Do the math here.   They speak in codes, they don't come out and say it.  This is just like the movie Scorched, $corched, that doesn't come out and say it, but they speak in codes, that 9-11-2001 was in inside job.   Watch my videos here, on that, for details, here. 
Enlighten yourself. 
One actor in that movie is the son of a billionaire.  Do you think billionaires would not know if 9-11-2001 was an inside job, or not? 
And Jack White III leads up to Ricketts the owner of the Cubs in Chicago.
Ricketts walked right by me, in an alley, outside of the Jack White band show, in Chicago, in 2014 July. 
Actually, I touched him on the shoulder also, but he did not say a word to me.  He just kept on walking. 
So Ricketts was coming from the Jack White behind the stage show. 

Look at the back of the dollar bill.   "Their organization is a success." 
But, on the front is one of the founding fathers. 

Furthemore, these spokespersons for the feds, and all agencies, need to investigate, and spy on every single person working within their agencies.  The culprits are inside of their own agencies.  They'll find some rogue or corrupt elements, in the police, in the feds, that are dirty, and corrupt, if they look at their own.  They'll find someone spying on this shooter in Flordia in his house in Alaska, if they look hard enough, and doing full blown psy war against him.  This spokesperson is lying on tv, but is he and others doing any real dirty work, to change their own agencies, and the corrupt elements within? 
No one can make anyone pull the trigger on a gun, except for the shooter.  But, look at the piece of shit USA, we live in, and it's easy to understand, why some, do decide to pull the trigger.  It's not hard to understand if you look at how many people get screwed over in America, time and time again, for years.  Study every single bit of history, from 1963, forward.  Was it right, for those that blew JFK's head off, to do it?  Yet, it still happened.  Then look at the 1968 democratic conventions in Chicago, youtube, video, and then look at all the riots, and beatings, and rapes, tortures, and murders, that happened in Chicago from 1965 until 2017.   Is it any wonder, that some people, decide to pull the trigger, especially, after many are thrown away, by their parents and families, furthermore, and left to fend for themselves, on these cruel streets of deciet, with nothing but lies, liars, cheats, frauds, fakes?  It's no wonder, so many people, pull the trigger, and kill, kill, kill.  The USA is mental, completely fucking mental, and so is this world.  You can't just pin, ONE PERSON out of 300 million as a mental scapegoat.  The fbi is scapegoating this guy, w/o even looking at themselves, and their corruption, from within.  Afer the Oklahoma City Bombing, the feds funding increased tons, during Bill Clinton.  LOOK!
Their funding increases, and Wall Street is too big too fail, because of the revolving doors, between Wall Street & the USA government.  Money is being laundered by the big banks here, and it's all this one shooter from Alaskas fault, in Flordia airport right?  And the public, is worthless!  But who created the public!?  YOU DID! 
For most citizens in America, if they go into debt, they lose.  Money does not grow on trees, for the majority of citizens of America, is the point, of this last part, shining the light on Wall Street - The revolving door with public sector government.

Also in my video, watch the Hunter 1984 episode, with the psychologist that wants to take Hunter down, from within, and he is a full blown murderer, murdering blondes in the Black Stallion country and western rodeo bar.   It's in the video with the Scorched information.   Look.  Watch.  You didn't already know this?  And you're the heads of these agencies? 
Watch my videos. 

And this happens every time, also. 
The underworld is real.

Last time when a family member of mine died, that day, they stabbed a guard, at the same prison.
And my family member, and I, also, are from Cook County, born there. 

They are saying that these people in the Overworld, are full of shit, and their words mean nothing, in reality. 

And this is a good point.

Randomly caught a glimpse of this, scrolling around.


I think it's the jewish oligarchs, also, that finance, and control the mainstream news.
They have an incredible amount of power, that the mainstream masses are absolutely asleep and oblivious to, at all times, so no one is able to stop them, or monitor them, or watch, the watchers.  They are not the only ones with incredible power, but I've noticed, they are in the trash can I call "culprits trash can," also, in my investigation into this, because of the PSY WAR others are instilling on me.

A good point I have recently discovered via my own brain, thinking for myself, scrolling around youtube is this.
I once heard of Saul Alinsky about 8 years ago, and he was always associated with Obama and Clintons, by many valid sources, including the Freemasons.  They boast Saul Alinsky is their bible.  I never paid attention to this, 8 years ago, but all of a sudden, I was able to, for the first time, ever, due to so many other things going on, for 8 years straight, destroying me, for 8 years straight, I had to pay attention to.  I finally looked into Saul Alinsky, and I wanted to take an objective look, and not be judgemental, like the others seem to come across as.  I wanted to see in myself, if I could like him, possibly, and or, not find any fault in him, unlike the others, and I wanted to see what this guy was all about.  I did watch only one video on him, on youtube, and I did discover this, after watching.
Saul Alinsky's book - Rules for Radicals, what does this imply?

Notice, how his followers, of this doctrine, that came from Lenin / Trotsky and follow it all the way back to Marx, the culprit.  Marx is the culprit, in the 1800's, FOLLOW this doctrine, from Saul Alinskys book.
This shows you jewish supremicism, in action.  Saul said public he was a jew, and since he wrote a book called, RULES, he is showcasing jewish supremicism, that you will follow this book, not the other way around.  Saul never followed anyone, but everyone afterwards has followed his doctrine, those that do support & follow it.  Notice the chain of command, in this chain.  People afterwards are following Saul, and Saul never followed anyone, basically.

It is my opinion that the USA has too many rules, and too many followers. 
They boast freedom, and the founding fathers did all the work in 1776, yet we see dictatorship, instead. 
I'd like to be free, but I find myself enslaved, born enslaved, born lied to. 
I too dream and lust for true freedom, where I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and no one can/could stop me, and no one could get in my way, and no one could flip me shit, or play games with me, ever, never, for anything that I want to do, anyplace, anytime, anywhere.
I don't see any evidence of this, in the USA. 

Furthermore, in conclusion, if the USA can be scientifically de-populated, this is the answer, to everyone with a brains, problems.  It always goes back to this, is the solution. 
After all of this chaos, and after all of this madness, if you are forced to live in reality, unless you are brain-fucking-dead, you would see that overpopulation is the problem.  What bothers me, is those that boast constantly that they are against, de-population.  I view these people as non-sensical, and brain-fucking-dead, every single time.   You can tell that I stand for de-popuation, because every single time, those that boast, to continue the population expansion, amongst, all of this chaos, I'd like to know how they were raised, who by, and what system, they are currently living in right now, with 1000's of mass shootings in the past 8 years, and more murders in Chicago in the past 8 years, than in Iraq, and Afghanistan combined, let alone every other bad thing happening in the USA, daily?   
My grandfathers said, "if everyone in the USA were like us, there would never be any problems, but the problem is is everyone is not like us, they are bad, and these were factory workers, and they boasted this to me, privately, just as a child."  This is how they talked, for real. 
Imagine how badly they'd be attacked, if they got on the news, and said this, even back in the early 1990's.
My grandfathers came up after the great depression, and they saw tough times, until the 1950's, and they also commented to me, how bad, many people were/are in the USA, even back then, post 1929.  They knew that many people were just no good, at all.  This is truth, not fiction.  This was said in 1990. 
The fact is, is the USA is vastly over-populated, and yet, some out there, in the religious community, and politicians boast, constantly, they wish to see the population of the USA continue to rise.  I guess 1000's of mass shootings in 8 years, is not any evidence, that there is a problem here in the USA, with the fact, that most of the USA is out of intelligence, and this stems from over-population as the main factor.  My grandparents used to also say, "Other people make things complicated, but life is extremely simple."  They also used to say, "There are too many problems here, and too many rules, and too many laws on the books, yet they add more laws year after year, and they can't enforce the ones they've got, furthermore, if you can get rid of the people, you will get rid of the problems, there are way too many assholes and dingbats here.  Every asshole and their brother is here, they are all here."
In other words there is a simple equation here.  The more people that are here, the more rules that will come from the government, and politicians, because people are no good, and we are not breeding quality, only quantity. 
Over-population is the root cause of this.
Some feel the need to create new laws constantly, to keep power over everyone else, to basically control people, or enslave them.  But what does that reflect? 
That there are too many people.
Too many people, too many laws, too many assholes, too many problems.
Less people = less problems.
That's the bottom line.
The easiest way to get rid of laws, rules, assholes, big government, & problems is to get rid of the people.

One time in Egypt a few pigs got sick, out of all the pigs, then the leader there said, then kill off every pig in our whole entire country, and this will solve our problem. 
See the logic here? 
And it's definitely keeping it simple, and solving issues.

For starters, all the people with a brain need to make a push in the correct direction, and eliminate the people that boast that we should populate the USA even more, and continue to do so forever.  These people are radical brain-fucking-dead, nutcases, and my grandfathers that worked in factories would agree, and they put people like that out front, not the other way around.  

If you disagree with de-population, fine, but sit down, shut the fuck up, and keep your mouth shut forever.   The USA has a systemic problem, with over-population, and the first step, is to get people in the correct direction, here, to begin to solve the problem. 

1000's of mass shootings, and Chi-raq tells you what?   Anyone with a brain?  

That there is no problem here?  (sarcasm) 

You get rid of the people, then you also get rid of big government.   Think about it.

Flordia shooting.  Chicago handicapped kid.
The world we live in these days, as cruel and not give a fuck as people are, no one anywhere, wants to raise handicapped kids, and no one has time, and no one else cares.  They have genetic testing to determine in advance whether the child in the womb, will be born handicapped or not.  Abort if yes.  
I am against all religions in the USA, most republicans, and anyone trying to stop de-population.  They are the problem.  Planned Parenthood needs to increase its funding through the roof.  If planned parenthood, and suicide parlors, got 1 million in funding last year, they need 1 trillion in funding this year.  We must de-populate the USA via sterilization, euthinasia, scientific method.  There is no security, and the game is rigged.  13, 420, or, and/or 3.14, and 88, groups control the USA, and the media.  The flordia shooter was in 13, working for these 420's, 13's, 88's, and pies, 3.14.  Is all of this ordo templi orientis?  Youtube for details.  Immediately, you see news reports that say increase airport security, yet a pilot was drunk, days before, 3 times over the legal limit, flying the plane.  I've always said, that if I wanted to go up in flames, I would load a plane up, and crash it, into a mountain, or building.   Suicide alone is stupid, and does not work.  I would first want to become president of the USA, and nuke the USA, as soon as I was in office.  I would also command everyone else, around the globe, to nuke the USA, simultaneously, likewise.  This is the only true best way to commit suicide, is to take the whole entire USA with you, in one shot.  Just like handicapped kids, no one cares, in the cruel USA, with no empathy, or humanity, and those that do, baby boomer females, to younger girls, are extremely mis-guided, and warped, a reflection of their baby boomer fathers, and males in the USA, in general, whom 99.9% are very stupid, as Kesha exposed that, by taking over the whole entire USA, unbenounced to everyone, for about 7 years, and showing boys just how stupid they really are, in the USA.  It's already main-fucking-stream. 

No one cares.  Look, everyone wants to use people, in this predatory USA, that has big problems, the USA is full of users, monsters, and predators, that prey on decent people, but, if I died, would you cry?  I guess grey.  There is a grey area here.  Even if I died, no one would care. 
What this boils down to, is no one cares about the handicapped, you, me, suicides, and or, if you go to prison.  Whatever you do, you are responsible for your own actions, and you have to live with what you do.
It looks to me, like they are hiring these killers, to mass shoot.  What would be great, is if there are any true lone wolf mass shooters out there, that do it for real.  That would floor their system, and drive them nuts, people they cannot control.  It is already looking like this mass shooter in flordia, at the aiport, was controlled, & financed, as a member of 420, 88, 13, or 3.14.  This looks to be an inside job, and those responsible, at the end of the day, YOU have to live with what you do, create, and put into the world.  If all you can come up with is, to tear down the world, instead of build it up, or create real solutions, then look in the mirror at you!  You need to commit suicide, and sterilize yourself, and I assure you, NO ONE WILL MISS YOU!
Furthermore, turn off the news, folks, because it's all lies. 

These incidents are the elites and business owners, and 1% of America playing games, ruthlessly, to steal power.
Everytime mass shootings happen, I point the finger in the direction of the elites, ivy league schools, 1%, American business owners, 88's, religious owners, wealthy, who don't care, and will do nothing, to change or solve, these savage animals, out here, on the ground, that will pull the trigger in the streets, and mass shoot up peoples.  They were born rotted, and their rotted parents threw them away, since they were kids. 

I feel that any parents in the USA, that do not raise their kids, should be put in prison, immediately.  Send a swat team out to take them to prison, asap.  The kids that beat the handicapped kid in Chicago, all 8 of the parents should be sent to prison immediately, and hung in the streets, by a noose.  The shooter in flordia, the same thing.  Both of his parents should be in prison immediately, and hung in a public square.  This would start to wake up parents nation-wide, to raise your kids, or else.  Many parents of the wealthy 1%, likewise, never raise their kids, and their kids are out there running around loose, and are pieces of shit.  These wealthy parents should be HUNG in the streets, in a public hanging.
Everyone knows that, that if you have kids, you have to raise them, for around 30 years, these days.  That's a long time, and are you ready for that, in advance?   Sterilize yourself in advance, birth control exists, 72 hour emergency contraception exists, and the scientific community needs to de-populated.  Satan's God wrote a song in 1999 called "Usher in the New Vaccine, on Metropolis 2000".  Some can throw themselves away, and illegally inject sterilization genes into vaccines, such as flu shots, they give to people, nation wide, everywhere, in clinics, hospitals, and corporations.  Unbenounced to you, if you obtain the vaccine, you will be sterilized, and can never have children, ever.  They control rat populations in inner cities, with this same technology, that has been around for years.  Sure, you'll go to prison, when caught, but maybe you'll sterilize a few million people here, first.  The last time I checked, it's not the absolute end of the world.    Millions of people are in American prisons, right now.  What's a few more?  It is not like there are only 3 people, nation wide, in prison, in America.

For all these so called men out there.  Ask them if they have the intelligence to create solutions, instead of build up more bullshit egos, and tough guy macho attitudes, pump more roids, do more drugs, drink more energy drinks, play more games, get more tattoos.  Too many tear down, and destroy, but few create real solutions in the real world, that the scientific community can create, via the scientific method.

Create solutions in the real world.  Nothing else adds up.   Instead of always being angry, force yourself to create solutions, and think hard, under extreme pressure.  Thinking work is the hardest work.

1776 founding fathers and Hitler one of those is the answer.  Nothing less will work.

Look, I could list you 100's of ways on a list, that the baby boomers have destroyed the world, 100 times, over, already, due to their incompetence, and greed.  But now it's mainstream.  Trump exposed how stupid the USA is, and how incompetent people are.  Kesha exposed how stupid males are.  Animals, goblins, monsters.  Tyler, Gaga, Kesha fans.  This is main-fucking-stream. 
The damage has already been done, and what's more?
I agree with the punk bands lyrics that said, "Is there always an enemy?" 
I onced drummed for them.
They said, "Looking overseas, and all I see is greed, hate, & animosity, our actions in foreign lands, where do they lay?  In stock holders hands, instead of looking for ways to remedy the situation, we're preying on the weak, like vultures."
The USA is a predator system, with big problems.  And to anyone out there, that wants to blame someone else for your problems, look in the mirror, and there is your problem.  Is there always an enemy?  Why?  Just because people here in the USA are too drunk on predatory power?   This is mental disease, and YOU need mental help.  Furthermore, people drunk on power, are mental.  The bottom line is, is people are people.  There is no power, and non-power.  Everyone is just as powerful, if they could realize it, but those that keep all of us in the dark, the insurance companies, the oil companies, the USA itself, the 13's, 88's, 420's, and 3.14's, and the secret societies, withhold information from us, to the public, on purpose, for their own power, on purpose, because they are PREDATORS!
See, the reality is, is YOU'RE THE ENEMY THAT YOU SEEK TO DESTROY!  THE ENEMY IS THE USA AND THE GREEDY PREDATORS WITHIN IT!  You are the mental patient!  You have to live with what you do, put into the world, and or create, and or destroy!  The USA is the enemy! 
Real people create solutions to problems, and think, the hardest work, is thinking work.
Shit people, predators, and the USA, create more problems, and prey on the weak, because they are out of options for themselves.  They were born rotted, and there is nothing there.  They either prey on others, cheat, lie, spy, and declare enemies, and make enemies, or else, they must commit suicide, because there is nothing there.  These people are vacant, dead, entitties.  The USA is full of these. 
Think, build, and create solutions.
1776 is a great place to start.

In laymans terms on this last part, just real quick. 
There are no enemies. 
Either you create solutions for real, or you create enemies, trying to find a way out of your lack-luster-shit-for-brains-lacking-self. 
The USA continuously creates enemies. 
We see that the USA is out of intelligence.
Another punk band I drummed for in 2003, had a song that said,
"And let's turn the youth into whores, all just to make some money, cuz what else matters in this world!? 
And all the people with a brain, forfeiting it away, all just to make some money, cuz what else matters in this world!?"
That says it all, about the USA, right there.

What became this website on page.TL, was once called http://www.geocities.com/steviehayez, starting in 2002.
We had many reviews on our site, from others back then.
Recently a brand new review came in, from an old source, of some new videos listed on
"Your videos have the underground/guerilla/cult vibe to it, as though they,re filmed in some blown out church basement laundry room somewhere in the States. There,s few people that do that, if any." - Pyvria 1-3-2017
I agree with this.
I review myself like this.
"I make videos that are better than videos on mainstream tv, at home, with a 2004 personal computer, with windows movie media maker, and generally a 2001 video camera bought at the big box stores.  I make better reality shows, than reality shows, if the good stuff was filmed, in which it wasn't.  Therefore, the American public, more than likely will never see my videos, and more than likely will never care, hence the dissconnect." - Ambroz III 1-4-2017
To bring some old reviews back.
"Stevie Hayes Records is jugs not drugs.  What used to be hoola hoops and hop scotch, has now turned into going deaf and a bottle of scotch."
"Stevie Hayes once said, What a fucking way of life!  I lost my shoes 10 miles ago.  I once saw a gargoyle in the woods.  I lost my shoes.  The house up ahead is haunted, I wouldn't go there if I were you pesty kids!" - Pyvria long ago, 2002 or 2003 or 2004 ish.

There is no 2000 years ago.
There are no religions.
There is no Jesus Christ.
There are no dead native americans.

The nice thing about 1776, is the work was already done for us, the inhabitants of all 50 states, the USA.
The USA has big problems.
1776 defaulted everything. 
1776 is the year zero, and you feel it in every bone in your body, too.
The only issues that matter & must be corrected, are the evil deeds that have been done, from 1776 to 2017.

You can extract bits & pieces from the constitution in 1776, and that's it.
There is no religions, christs, 2000 years ago, dead native americans, mainstream medias, lies, confusion, or noise. 
You can't designate one person in the USA, and call them osiris, and extract bits & pieces from their body, until they are dead, with 1776 doing that for each & every one of us, already. 
The only bits & pieces you can extract from is Hitler, or the founding fathers dead bodies, in the 1776, and that is it.
Everything else is liars, insecure MENTAL PATIENT weasels that must be executed, like all of these mainstream celebrities, and look, 1000's have been getting killed, or dying, in the past 8 years, THEY DON'T HAVE THE MASTER PLAN, FOR LIFE, ON EARTH, FORWARD, THAT'S FOR SURE), and bullshit. 
1776 is the only truth.    If you want to extract bits & pieces, you MUST extract it from 1776, and those people, that were willing to die, so we could all live.  They already did all of the work for us!
You can only extract bits & pieces, from the 1776 Constitution of the USA!
If you extract from anywhere, or anyone, or anything else, other than 1776, YOU ARE A MENTAL PATIENT, THAT MUST BE FORCED INTO THE PSYCHIATRIC NUT WARD ASAP, AND EXECUTED, FURTHERMORE!

Yales Skull & Bones, formed in 1832.  This is the American branch of the illuminati.
There is not 2 at anything.  Either you are in Skull & Bones as a sworn, tapped, member, or you are out. 
Skull & Bones helps no one out, that is not inside Skull & Bones, & they know everything about everything & everyone, here in the entire USA, and beyond.  There is nothing that Skull & Bones does not know about everything, and everyone here, hence the word illuminati. 
Skull & Bones are the only illuminati, in America, and that's it.
These are the real elites.
Everyone in an Ivy League School, and everyone wealthy, protects them, but their doctrine is not play acting.
Their doctrine is pure evil.
This is where most of the evil came from in the USA since our new year zero of 1776.
All of the evil in the USA began with the entrance, of an evil doctrine, from Yales Skull & Bones, in 1832.
We notice that 30 years later, a president of the USA was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, by the 1860's.
We notice that the biggest problems America has ever had, since year zero aka 1776, were shortly after
Yales Skull & Bones entered America, in 1832.
We notice the president of the USA in the year 2000, is a multi-generational member of Skull & Bones, with 2 of his
other family members, also members.
This is what has been going on here.
This is Americas problem.
Americas problems can be traced back to Yales Skull & Bones, every single time.

The problems in America since 1776?:

They don't call their kids BLUE, born living under evil, for nothing.

Skull & Bones is the reason why, this evil exists, and perpetuates.
Everything else is bullshit.
Everything else circles outwards from Skull & Bones, & the Ivy League Schools, down to the streets, where we see the evil manifest, every single time.
One example, the streets of Chi-raq, in Chicago.
Another example is all of the violence in the middle east. 
Who were the presidents that caused this, every single time?
Who were the only 2 presidents that invaded Iraq, the middle east, since 1990, and what group were both of these presidents members of? 
Youtube it for details.
This is the end product of Yales Skull & Bones doctrines perpetuating over 100's of years, circling around. 

1.  Lincoln aka an American president having his head blown off by Boothe.  The Knights of The Golden Circle were responsible as much as Boothe by todays laws, but were never charged.  They had a Skull & Crossbones in their pamphlets, and that means, someone or all, knew Skull & Bones Yale members, even back then, which makes total sense, because Yales Skull & Bones founded in 1832, and they know everything, about everyone, and everything, always.
The frequency was set, that essentially, if the elites ran America, they would just kill everyone here.
The frequency was set, that, now, we don't care about the position of the President of the USA, and until this is corrected, this will repeat in the future, since history always repeats.
This deed must be corrected, if the 1776 USA doctrine of the USA constitution, is to live on, past 2017, into the future.

2. This has nothing to do with the USA, but to some extent, though out of our control, is every human on this entire planet, all one? 
One of them kings or keisers, over in Germany and or Austria, had his head blown off, by Franz Ferninand in the early 1900's. 

3.  1913 bankers
Russian Revolutions - Marx - Tsar Nicholas whole family was executed over there. 
They hung German Troops in Indianapolis, IN in 1945, for fighting for their god-leader-country, Hitler.
Charles Manson was busted for conspiracy, yet no one in the Knights of the Golden Circle 100 years previous, ever was.
John Wilkes Booth was dealt with, and that was the end of that, but, the president of the USA is the only real position that can protect the rest of us in the USA, from the elites like Yales Skull & Bones, and Yales Skull & Bones, needs to be destroyed.  1776 is the only thing that matters in the USA.  Everything else is garbage & lies.  Everything else is evil.

4.  JFK had his head blown off in 1963, and the riots ensued, shortly afterwards, and still last in the streets, to this day of 2017.
(Most people follow gods laws in USA and would not do this, but we clearly see, the reason this did happen, was because Lincolns head was blown off 100 years previously.  Whatever frequency is set first, is what perpetuates long into the future, afterwards.
This is why Hitler & the Founding Fathers of the USA in 1776 have many parallels between them, and are the only 2 solutions for this world.  These 2 must be mimicked 100% for success, everything else and everyone else will fail.  Some will try, but unless they are these 2, there is a 99% failure rate.  Maybe 300 years from now, people will look back, and will find a 3rd entity, that pops up, at some point, in the future, but everyone else will fail, guaranteed, that trys.  George Lincoln Rockwell, to MLK, to Malcom X, to The 1984 Order with Bob Matthews, originally spawned in the John Birch Society, to more, tried, but had their heads blown off. 
If you get executed, you fail.
Someone twisted the story with Hitler, and I believe, now, that it was Yales Skull & Bones behind this lie.
The truth is, is Hitler fled to Argentina, and lived until old age.
Maybe a Hitler doppleghanger committed suicide in a bunker, or maybe not, but the real Hitler escaped Germany.
Furthermore, they wanted to execute the founding fathers of 1776, but they too survived, therefore, these are the 2 winners, since 1776, in this whole world.
If you survive, and this is no accident, you have created a winning doctrine, in this world.)

5.  1991 Iraq war.  A Skull & Bones Yale member was your president here.
9-11-2001, Wars in the middle east,
Skull & Bones Yale, your president v.s. another Skull & Bones Yale, member, 2004 presidential election.
(See a pattern here?)

Videos for more evidence:



Check out my band Dead Momentum.
We hit you hard, and fast.  We rock!  Rocking hard, Rock & Roll is the American way.
Sometimes we get political too, in between songs.  We do so many different things, in our show, all combined into one show, you know?   Are you scared if we rock, and put on a great show, intense, but do other things also, artistic things, experimental things, wierd things, trippy things, mind blowing things, but also get political, sometimes, in between songs? 
I don't want anyone to come around here, that can be easily scared away.  I don't support poseurs, fakes, frauds, phonies, which is why I'm not trying for millions of fans, I'm trying for 5,000 die-hards, that cannot be scared away!
Even if I took a shit on stage, and flung it at your gfs face, would you run out of the venue, and demand your money back?  I want 5,000 loyal, die-hard, fans, that cannot be scared away by anything, I would ever do!
What if I said "kill the jews," or "heil hitler," or "heil timothy mcveigh, heil a true patriot!," on stage, in between songs, just because I was born with a voice box, and therefore god says I have total free speech.  Would this scare you away?
We are not here to entertain the masses, but the minority of die-hards, that want to rock, and want to see something that is way better than what is on national or mainstream tv, daily, and what has been on tv, for years. 
Dead Momentum is rock, metal, blues, punk, avant guarde, experimental, sometimes wierd, rebelous, we do what we want, and we rebel against the elites, the elite power structure, and skull & bones.  We've suffered, and rebelled against all the bad things in America, for our entire lives now, and we walked the walk, for real too.  I've lived this for real.  Much pain & much suffering.  Can you relate?
How does this concept sound to you? 
I want 5,000 loyal die hard fans!
I try and hit you with some good stuff, right away.  Do you like it? 
Check it out here.
Tell your friends.
I need 5,000 loyal fans, that will be loyal to me, forever.
I want to make $100.00 cash from each one of my 5,000 of my fans.
Will you stand with me, against Yales Skull & Bones? 
I am against Yales, Skull & Bones, & I need to alert 5,000 people to wake them up to how evil Skull & Bones is and has been since 1832.

We need to start a real revolution, and a real organized lynch mob, to be used against Skull & Bones, Skulls, & more secret societies, later.  Can we do this?  We need to sue these bastards, later also, and create a landmark case against, Skulls & Skulls & Bones, draining them of all of their resources, and taking this trial, to the top, and to national tv, making it bigger than OJ even.  This would be funny.

We need to sue the "all seeing eye," also.
This is bunk, and bullshit.

We need to sue every celeb, and entertainer out there, also.  They are all trash in the trash cans in the alley.

If you cannot think for yourselves, you are NOT welcome in my audience, or to get to know me, in life, in any, way, shape, or form!  If you are tapped into the "all seeing eye," you are my enemy!

Dead Momentum - The Zebras
1. Stabra-Cadabra
2. Stabbed Zebra

For now, Frankenstoner has turned into Dead Momentum a new one man band on the scene, for now.
Do you wish to join this band?
Contact me here.

So basically we went through all of these trials and tribulations in the past.
Can you relate?!

What we stand for is being against Yales Skull & Bones.
This is the point of this band.
This is me putting this concept into laymans terms, for you people.  
Are you going to stand with me? 
Are you going to show loyalty towards Dead Momentum, my band?
Are you against Yales, Skull & Bones, secret society, order of death, cabal / doctrine sitting on a bookshelf, in their tombs at Yale, surrounded by the elite money, control, & power structure?!
LOOK at how much power, control, money, interbreeding, intermarriage, arranged royal family monarch marriages, skull & bones has given rise to, in the entire USA.  I think there is a conspiracy here.  In fact, I know there is a conspiracy here. 

Not only their doctrine, that equates to The Order of Death, which cannot ever be a kosher sort of thing, like in other words, there is nothing holy about this matrimony, especially vile, especially hidden, especially far away from the public pitchfork mafia scrutiny, especially buried in the tombs & catacombs of this elite ivy league big money structure of circles,
but, it is the root cause of much of the USA's problems, via a doctrine/frequency, that starts out in the tombs of a building at Yale, that then slowly permeates out onto the real world, dead, cold, cruel, dark, streets, of the common man, and beyond. 

And to top it all off, the problem is, is that despite the 13 members, that are tapped, year after year, barely anyone in America, barely talks about it, and barely realizes how problematic this secret society is, to all of us Americans, nation wide, as it continues to work in it's own interests, and the interests of only their elite power structure, & family members within this elite power structure. 

So, in laymans terms, we have 300 million people here in America, v.s. only 13 tapped members, year after year, yet, they continue to exert extreme control over much of the most influential and highest positions America has within this rigged structure.   The Americans are vastly misguided and are not talking about this issue often, and don't even seem to realize how problematic, ruthlessly powerful, & ruthlessly conspiratorial this conspiracy is, to the continued light, love, & success, of Americans, that grow up into light & love, not some order of death, spiritual rape, order of murder, order of torture, order of violence, order of theft, order of syndicates controlling money bags out of organized crime mafia, gambling casino underworld operations, order of psy ops. 

I ask you people this simple question?  Are you going to talk more often about this problematic death cult?  Are you going to spread the word about skull & bones?  Are you going to do something to stop it's perpetuation?   What are you going to do, to stop these elites, from continuing into getting into the highest positions of power, up over America, that exist? 

What you gonna do when they come for you!?

Females of America have lost their minds.
America has some secrets that are occult secrets.
There are Monsters out there, that are humans, like part white, part native american, part mexican, part other things, mixtures.  They have huge penis, often.
Real white european people have smaller penis, often.
These monster kids, that have a native american looking tint to their skin, and often look like the kid on the front cover of mad magazine, sometimes do evil, because they are born rotted, and born shitheads, born murderers, and born with dog shit blood lineage.  Your pure white innocent young daughters, sometimes, they kill them, making something they call blood sacrifices to the illuminati.  It's monsters killing young, white, innocent star girls, that are stupid, also. 
You mothers, need to send your 12 and older, young star daughters to me.  I'm a star, and I've fought for years, against all bad things America.  I have my bachelors degree from college.  I'm a traveler, I'm worldly, I've travelled to 40 states in the USA, and Canada, and Mexico.  I have recorded 100's of original songs, wrote poetry, play guitar, play drums very well, I've grown a garden for the last 8 years straight, in my backyard,   ask me for my resume, on linkedin, it's long,  I'm also a free thinker like the founding fathers, I donated to David Duke for senate.  I'm donating $130.00 total to David Dukes campaign, and we're just middle class to poor, you should donate millions taylor swift, Mark Cuban instead of donating to dead cops and being a construct of the dead, and all celebrities, David Duke has the experience it will take, and that's his strength, where not many have his experiences,   watch my videos on youtube.com/frankenstoner for details.  You need to quit being cowardly, and playing games, because your daughters are getting killed, by monsters.  Look up the music video for Impaled Nazarene - Enlightenment process. 
Look, here are some more stupid females, that would not listen to their elders, their grandmother.  Their daughters got killed.  This is the fault, of the monster male, that was mixed, and was of dog shit blood lineage.  Look the signs were there, the grandmothers instincts said, "this guy is a shithead, what's he coming around here for?"
Monsters sleep with young star girls, and put them out front, in their octa-pussy conspiracy.  They call it the octa-pussy, because it's like an octapus with tentacles, and each tentacle they've got out front, spying for the one monster, is a girl they slept with.  This is their game.  Monsters that are often part native american, and look ugly as fuck in their face, just like a monster, this is some native american thing, even though they are GONE, and only part native american, and living in some fucking pipe-fucking-dream.  These monsters, so often are sick.  Look, I don't and would not trust a single fucking one of them.  Sure some are hard working, and produce, but I still wouldn't trust a single one, and that's me.  You, if you do, I find you stupid.
Stop being dog shit, stop being a coward, send your daughters to me, asap, for me.  I am the best.  They think I'm the osiris, or the light bearer.
I'm the sun shining through the window, in the USA, in the picture, that has the monster, or the green man, putting star girls, and the rainbow, and dopples out front.  I put EVERYONE in the entire USA out front.
They are killing your daughters, thinking they are doing it for me, but I did not choose this position, it came to me.  It is an occult position. 
Meanwhile the Rockerfellars, have not told me, any inside information.  Their old addage is true.  They don't want free thinkers, only slaves, and employees, this is their doctrine, from way back.  Look at what still exists.
The Rockerfellar the old man, David, really only gives a fuck about number one, and that's it, and it's so blatantly obvious.
He never gave me any inside information, when while speaking in codes, yet every celebrity out there in America has fed me bits and pieces, of inside information, in coded, in their works.  So, when I pull out a $1 USA dollar bill from my pocket and see the picture of George Washington on it, and founding fathers, I say to myself, why is a "true free thinker" that founded America in 1776, on our $1 bills in EVERYONES pocket, in the entire USA, if most people, actually, have been force fed into slavery, by Rockerfellars doctrine, and dealt final death blows by the jewish race, and their shit, vile disgusting doctrines, and have all accepted it, mostly hook, line, and sinker?  The masses can't think, and I saw another vast change, at the start of the 2008 presidency, also.  I saw the USA turn into slaves, even furthermore, and cannot think for themselves.  We have $1 bills in all of our pockets though.  The answers, are right in front of our eyes, in our pockets, right now.  LOOK! 
Furthermore, some green men, and monsters, have gave me hints also, at what position I've been in for 8 years now.  I'm the 2nd president of the USA.  Manson is the first.  The one in the white house is the 3rd.  This is how the USA is really running.  The problem?  Monsters, and green men, are more than likely the ones that will kill your daughters.  It more than likely won't be anyone else, out there, at all.
Rare is it that stars like me, execute other stars, like your daughters, your young, pretty, innocent, star, daughters.
Monsters, and green men do.  There are also guys that look like ghosts, werewolfs, and vampires out there, and they take this seriously, in their deep occult groups, that even know what it means to be an Abe Lincoln doppleghanger.  This even means something, to these deep occult secret black magic, and witchcraft and salem witch trials decendants groups, operating covertly out there, all over America.  Every single state has them.  When you saw that guy in Iowa feed an octapus to his infant child, he was speaking in code, as he went to jail, that he's a monster.  Octapus, and Aligators, and Crocodiles, are some of their symbols, they like.  Dragons, dinosaurs, and more.
You got about 2 options, and take this seriously.
Give your daughter to me, she's a star, I'm a star, we're in the same tribe.  Work your ass off 24 hours a day, to get her, to my house, asap.  Work your fucking ass off.
a monster, or green man, might execute her, just because these fucks are fucking sick in the fucking head, and this is built into their modern system, because all the police, military, steel mill workers, farmers, machine shop guys, car guys, sharks, bankers, some politicians, and more are all green men, dopples, and some are these ruthless son of a bitch, idiot, shithead, nasty, vile, murdering monsters.
Don't let your daughters get with them.
Put your fucking foot down now,
and arm yourself with guns, like Richard "The Iceman" Kluklinski

For the last 8 years, these young, star girls, that are in my tribe, in my family, they are all related to me, because I'm a full blown super star, there have been 1000's of these young girls, murdered, by monsters.  These are girls, that could have been with me, instead, if the USA was good, in which it sucks.  I have seen this stuff in the news, weekly, every single week, for years now.  Look at their killers.  Look at their mugshots, and they all look monster-looking, because this is what they are, dead guys, monsters, green men, vampires, ghosts, werewolfs.  Look!


And there isn't much I can do, at this time, about this, because you have to wake up, and help me.  Everyone is in this together.  I can't be in all 50 states, in every square inch, daily.  I can only be in one spot, at one time, on one day, and that's it.  I can only alert you, that this is going on, and has been for 8 years, and like forever now, but I never knew about it.  Now it's time to wake up about it, and tell everyone you know, everywhere.

Anyone who kills is responsible for their own actions, and nobody else is, but these monsters, are vile.  The native americans were here for 20,000 years before white people.  Do the math.  In their dog shit, mixed, blood lineage, they were born so rotted, there is something different in their genetics now, because they are mixed between whites, and native americans, and other shit, like arabs, asians, blacks, jews, and more.
Most of the white people were here in America since 1890, and some since 1400, but do the math on someone floating around out there in the breeze, that is part native american mix, with some blood in them, that is 20,000 years old, v.s. your white European blood, that still is left in some smaller degrees, varying. 

These ruthless industrialists like George Pullman that put steel mill workers out front, didn't give one shit about their own workers, or native americans either.  They polluted the shit out of the earth, and the native americans are against that.  For the white race, the industrialists that existed in the industrial revolution, from the 1800's until 1984, were some of the toughest, and most ruthless son of a bitches out there, to go at it alone, w/o the support of the native americans, and jews, who now have the entire USA bucked, and subverted via their media.   George Pullman was so ruthless, some worked for him for 40 years, and he screwed them over at the end of all of that, and denied them their pensions, healthcare, and everything, at the last minute.  That's fucking ruthless as fuck, for the white race.  In a strange way though, I guess guys like George Pullman, saw the big pictures, for their times and eras.  I think that guys like Henry Ford, and George Pullman, probably knew these monsters would execute your daughters like this, in the distant future, if they budged just one inch, and allowed jewish doctrine to perpetuate the USA, in which it eventually did anyway, after their deaths.

You need to police yourself.  Remember 9-11?  No one was really there to save those people.  In any attack, you are your first line of defense.  You are.  Get a gun, and be ready to use it against monsters, males with ugly ass faces, that look mixed, and look like shitheads, and act like shitheads.  Don't be fooled by celebrities, journalists, magicians, and these monsters and green men are magicians and bullshit artists, also, spying, cheating, lying, and being fed bits and pieces of information from some "all seeying eye" operating illegally in America, spying on people out there, with satellites in space, watching you do everything, in your home, that you do, from space, seeing through the walls, with radar piercing technology, geothermal imaging, fiber optics, and more, seeing what you are going to do in advance, to try and take you down, in advance, and plan action against you.  Remember most cops are monsters, and green men, so you won't ever get much real help from there.  After a monster kills your daughter, the cop will put on a show, and act like he caught the bad guy, and will take him away to jail, and prison, but in reality, that splay is a monster (the cop), carting another monster (the nasty monster that killed your daughter), away to jail/prison, so do the fucking math on that equation.  You need to kill monsters, before they kill your daughters.  Hitler once said, "when it comes to enemies, I'd rather be the first to point the gun at them, and pull the trigger, before they do it to me first. 
You females need to wake the fuck up. 
Quit following these feminist mainstream pop singer cunts, that are born rotted, born jewish subversions, and quit following the bullshit artist, master magicians of the world, like the Hilary Clintons, that got you all fooled, and think for yourself.  Your daughters lives depend on it.
If they come to me, I can help them, out, and protect them, against monsters.   I am forced to fight, because barely anyone will fight for me.  I'm a star, and not in the condition to fight so hard, but I'm forced to, anyway, because after 2008 after my friend Ken was murdered in a blood sacrifice to the illuminati, and I never knew what that was, until 2 years ago, I was left for dead, by everyone I've ever known, my family, friends I had in high school, college, people I was in past bands with, and lived in college dorms with, and worked jobs with.  EVERYONE left me for dead, so I've been forced to fight, and figure all this out, on my own, for the past 8 years, and it took about that long, too.  Even the president of the USA wasn't there for me, right away, that's because most of the presidents are stars, green men, or monsters.  Trump is a black magician and monster in the deep occult.  Obama is a star, and George W Bush is a dead guy, a green man, while his father HW is put out front by a ghost in the CIA, and is a star, like me, except he's like Stoller my ex band mate from Ritual Static, a fucked up, drugged up, loonie, part jewish, freak show, erradic, clown boy.  HW is just like Stoller, but Stoller is dead, and so is his father.  His father doesn't give a fuck about anything, he's so dead, it's like he's vacant, and Bass Charles once told me that in 2007, that's what he thought, and back then, I was clue-less, to any of this stuff.  They also told me that Bill Clinton didn't just sleep with Monica Lewinsky.  I really don't care about this, but there were 49 different women, in actuality, not just her.  They only give you the public, rock bottom, you don't get the real truth.  There are not many that actually bear light out there, except for Charles Manson, the Emperor of the USA, and I'm the King of the USA, the King of Death, and Charlie, is the Emperor of Death, of the USA, and I never slept with his people, and or vice versa, so it goes to show, the ultimate just are/is.  The ultimate got seniority, and that's how it goes.  I've never even met Charles Manson before. 
I'm a super star.
And remember, everyone is responsible for their own actions.
If you kill somone, you pay the price.
You may think you are making blood sacrifices to the illuminati, but in reality, you're just going to prison, or going to recieve the death penalty, for your work. 
You can take that to the 2nd world war, which means nothing to monsters, because they are 20,000 years old.
You can hang that on a cross.
You can take that to the Emperor of Japan.
It's still there.
If you do the crime, you do the time, and you are responsible for your own actions.

I support Black Lives Matter.
1.  I am anti monster, and anti cop, anti police.
2.  I am pro Hitler and pro swastika, and pro life-blood, and pro-we-want-life.
3.  I am against the constructs of the dead, guys in the 1% like Mark Cuban, that have came out in the news, and said they finance police, the brain-dead & dead, that enslave the brain-dead, and dead, lemming, slave class, rockerfellar, jewish subverted public, mainstream herd masses. 
4.  Hitler was against the police, soros is, black lifes matter is, and so am I, because the police, and their 1% financiers, are the CONSTRUCTS OF THE DEAD, enslaving the dead, and braindead.

The white race has been subverted by rockerfellar and jews
The baby boomer white females are more jewish than the jewish females, which are 100% into order, in the jewish race, and don't talk back to their rich jewish males.
The baby boomer white females have been talking shit about black lives matter, forever now, and want it to go away.
What do they propose to re-place it with?  More of the same constructs of the dead, mixed with rockefellars octagon chase bank doctrine, mixed with jewish vile doctrine in which they are? 
Charles Manson once said, "the people they are not intelligent enough to change."
The white race has been subverted by the word racism, and racist, invented as a political smear to smear political enemies, and crush dissent, by Karl Marx.  There is no such thing as racism, yet the white race in America has been bamboozled for so long, they are not racists.  They have become racists.  The whites had a golden opportunity to form white lifes matter, in 2008, and work in tandem with black lives matter, against police, striving for LIFE, instead of DEATH, in America, striving for HITLER and HITLERS mind, but instead, the cowardly whites are down at the cubs game, and hoping they don't get pulled over by cops.  You do the math. 
Because whites have been programmed into racists now, something that doesn't even exist, and have been shafted, for so long, they were racist against obama, and against black lives matter, for this reason only, w/o doing any further research at all.  Make no mistake.  Black Lives Matter is a tentacle of the real Adolf Hitlers mind.  Who knows Hitler better than George Soros, at this point?  He was born in Hungary, when the real Hitler National Socialists took over his country, as a child.  Who on earth, was there, and knows what that feels/felt like, for real? 

Hitler was a racialist, a left wing, lucifarian, brown shirt, National Socialist.   Hitler would have worked with blacks, if that was what his country was full of, at the time, but it was not.  But his country was full of white germans, of a german race.  Germany is a small country, that can fit inside of Texas, in the USA.  Also, do the math, on that.

Anyone that supports cops, is against Hitler.

Anyone that supports black lives matter is pro Hitler.

Ironic, for how Americans have been programmed, by Karl Marx, and turned into racists, a word and a concept that was made up out of thin air, and doesn't even exist, and actually isn't even real.
American whites were bamboozled, shafted, fleeced, jewish rekt, years ago.
Also, Hitler was the greatest magician of all time, but do you now know, who is close to that, these days? 
The Clintons.   They are about the 2nd greatest magicians of all time, these days.
They almost got the white house, and a commander in chief must be male.
They have 1/2 of America subverted, cheated, lied, and conned to, for their benefit.

Americans are dumb, and because I was surrounded by dumb people, my whole life, ship-wrecked people, my whole life, I was dumb too, in 2008.  It was hard not to follow what even my own family said, for years, since my birth, regarding the first black president, of all time.

At least, now I learned, even though it was through much pain and misery, the hardest way. 

The white race had a golden opp, under Obama, to re-structure the white race, and make it viable, and they failed, due to cowardice, and by being liars, and going along with liars, apathetically, since the 1950's and earlier, even.  Apathy, killed the white race, in America, long ago, and the world wide, white race, has been dead, DEAD SINCE 1945, that died in the world war 2 graveyards, and everything has been dead in the metaphysical, ever since.   Furthermore, this is why Hilary Clinton has rose so high, during this tenure, because they are master bullshit artists, liars.   You can't survive on lies.  If you lie, you die.
The white race failed, yet again, all because of Karl Marx, and because the whites were scared of a black man in office, and black lives matter, 2 things, they should at least respect, because both have Hitlers brain close by.   Whites second guessing themselves, and feeling white guilt, for being racist, or blatantly sort of caving into that notion, and actually being racist, sabotaged themselves, yet again.  Bumper stickers with, "I'll keep my guns, money, drugs, and you can keep the change, Obama," added to it. 

Furthermore, anyone out in the streets, reactionary, fighting for reactionary change, understands Hitler, because that's what Hitler did.  They took anything they could take, fighting for it, in the streets.  If you're not out in the streets fighting for it, you don't actually understand Hitler.  You have a very misguided view of the real Hitler, and what he did, to save Germany back then.  Keep in mind, once the war was started, Hitler quickly restorted to blitzkreig, and hot war in the streets, with full blown shock troops.  Hitler was a hot warfare warrior, and wanted results, brutally, and as fast as humanly possible. 
Anyone in the streets, fighting for change, understands Hitler to a higher degree, than anyone not out in the streets, fighting.  I reference this, because I'm sick of the mentalities, of people within our system, on the inside, that are not out in the streets, fighting, in rallies, that think they know Hitler, with all this goo-goo-ga-ga, bullshit, I'm a racist, I hate blacks, I hate jews, I hate hate hate, I'm a right winger, I support guns, all this nonsense.  These people don't have a clue who Hitler was, and what he did, and or what he was about, and or what his doctrine was.
Again, you find this ironic, but Obama, Black Lives Matter, Soros, George Lincoln Rockwell, and now I, understand Hitler.
Charles Manson understood him, but never actually acted on that.  Manson believed, believes in a concept in the occult called abaraxas, which is a 1/2 and 1/2 mentality.
Hitler believed in straight order, and to achieve it, by any means neccessary. 
Trotsky, Lenin, or Marx, believed in straight chaos, and destabalization.

America has lost it's mind.  It is a good thing, a very small number of people have sense, common sense, and know what is going on, on the big pictures.
Andrew Jackson was born into a war.  Andrew Jackson turned into a warrior.  America is full of poseurs.
America is full of tiny, little, small, peoples.  Celebs, journalists, CEO's of fast food companies, etc., are tiny, plastic, throw-a-way society, worthless hooker prostitute bumb cheat whino. 
Andrew Jackson was a commander in chief.
A commander in chief means what?
You can never have a female president.  That is the most worthless thing.
Females must be jacked in the face, and beat, one time, to knock all jewish doctrine out of their born rotted, born subverted, pipe-fucking-dreams, that later become pipe-fucking bombs.
Sometimes, in an unplanned crisis, men will have to fight with guns in the streets. 
They won't take orders from a female commander-ess in chief.
That's impossible.  That's against the natural order.
Furthermore, to be a commander in chief, you need to have served in the military.  Our last presidents have not, but they still cannot be female.  Peace and love can work for a while, but what if, a crisis breaks out, in the future, and people are forced to go to hot war.  
Who will you die for? 
Will you die for this? 
Will you die for the CEO of Burger King or McDonalds?  
Will you die for Hilary Clinton?
Will you die for neo cons?
Will you die for feminists?
Will you die for a female CEO?
Will you die for someone from San Franscisco?
Will you die for a homosexual, down at the homo parade?
Will you die for late night talk show hosts?
Will you die for owners of sports teams?
Will you die for journalists?  They print lies, commit treason, and must be hung.
Will you die for spies in these compartments?  N S A?  PR I SM?
Will you die for the pope or a religious figure?
Will you die for MLK's dead body?  Abe Lincoln?

I'd only die for Trump, David Duke, and Charles Manson.  
This is all that is left in the USA.
There is no one else left worth dying for.  The rest are all tiny little people.
If you cannot see that, you are tiny.   Hence, why you cannot see it.
Hence why you are brain-fucking-dead.  Hence why you need to sit down, shut the fuck up, and live in a box.
That is the definition of tiny, and wheenie whacker.
Ask yourself 2 questions when voting for president of the USA.
1.  Will I die for this?   (If sent to war)
2.  What does the word commander in chief even mean?   (head of USA military)

There are not many aryans in America.  There are mostly nasty, washed out, monsters, with corrupted dog shit blood lineage, shit like dog blood, domesticated beyond belief.  The media and the mainstream media is dog shit.  They are brain-fucking-dead.  If they do not know what to do, which is quit, move to the homeless shelter, live in a box, give up, end all media stations, everywhere, if they do not know what to pay attention to, then I suggest, they print stories 24-7 making gardening, backyard gardening, urban homesteads, and farming, the new mainstream 24-7.  There is only 15-20% negative in the America, but 80% positive, people doing positive.  Then why not pay attention to only the positive, when clearly, they don't know what to do, and have no master plan for survival on earth.  The media does not need to exist, and pay attention to the negative furthermore, all to perpetuate some copycats.  Mostly, things go right, in America.  Absurd.  Unnecessary.  Dear Media, You're fired!  It is a good thing that Trump, Obama, Regean, Andrew Jackson, David Duke, & the founding fathers exist and run America.  Imagine if the media and mainstream media ran America.  Clue-less media.  We'd be in trouble.  The media can't even figure out that 80% of America is positive, and works correctly.  They focus on 20% negative and make entire careers at this garbage gambit gauntlet, nasty perpetuation.  Mediocre.  Brain-fucking-dead destroying the dead.  Trash for public.  What's next?  David Duke for President.

In 2010, there was a mass email saying of what gas stations to never buy gasoline from.  Speedway was one of them.  Re-look up that list, and send it around all of America.  BP and other gas stations on the east coast were not on the list, and Speedway was on the list.  Speedway has blood and war crimes on its hands, because it directly supports the wars in the middle east, where they steal the oil from places there, where there is tons of oil.  This is why they did 9-11, and invaded the middle east in the first place.  BP could afford to lower their prices a bit more, and if they do, I'd shop there, from now on, and cut out Speedway, and these other stations all together.  The gasoline stations have a chance, an opportunity, and a decision to make, about whether they want me, as a loyal customer, in the future, or not.  I am a loyal person, but that is going to depend on some big factors.

Recently, I was at a speedway, in NW, IN, and I did not like what I saw.  First off they always put the price to $2.39.  Other times it was at $1.79, or $2.79.  They liked 79 and 39.  They and all the gas stations, nation wide, have been doing this.  Or they do things like, $1.89'9, which means 666, which is 999 in reverse.  They definitely tinker with numerology, absolute in America, they do not set their gas prices, naturally, and fortuitously.  America is rigged. 

1.  There were 20 landscaping companies trucks, and trailers sitting all outside, around this place, which means the place was full of spies, green men, dirty cheats, and liars.

2.  Inside, there was a fat white girl working the cash register, that looked slightly punchy, but she seemed ok.  She seemed decent at first glance.  But, there was this ugly ass blonde white girl, not pretty enough to rape, or grab her vagina in public, way too ugly for that, I wouldn't touch her with a 16.4567891011121314 to the squared power (btw like my numerology?  make your gas prices, nation wide this price fools), foot pole.  She had some ugly ass blue tattoos on her wrist exposed out of her long sleeved shirt.  I commented on them, and only because I took notice, after the fact, that right in front of me, as there were 4 fat ass, ugly ass, green men, landscaper, construction workers, in the line, to the left of me, buying coffee for some young pret-tween boys to jizz into to get into 420, and 88, in which they were in 88, didn't say shit about shit, there mouth was cold fucking shut.  They didn't say shit to anyone.  They are cheap fucking cowards, of all cowards, the most cowardly bunch I've ever seen in my entire life.  I've never seen none more cowardly, in my whole entire life.  

3.  So, this tattooed freak, ugly ass white girl, that is too ugly to rape, and is a FUCKING BITCH, was yelling at this other girl, behind the cash register, telling her she is worthless.  So I stepped in, unbenounced to the girl, and started flipping this tattoo freak girl, shit, instead, as the general public.  The public is always right, and I'm always right.  
I am greatly offended by tattoos, and will never ever take orders from someone with tattoos ever.  People with tattoos belong on the streets, as gang members.  They will never be my boss ever.  Does the president of the USA have tattoos?  No.  He's the boss.  I'd only take orders from the president of the USA, the highest position in the land, where no tattoos are seen, or allowed, ever.  When was the last time you saw a president with tattoos?  This girl with tattoos on her arm, should be fired asap, and should be in a street gang, on the streets, because she is a street person, she is in no position, to boss around some fat girl, that I did not see any tattoos on her body, at all.  In no fucking position.  People with tattoos are in no position to boss around people with no tattoos.  It's the other way around.  If you have tattoos you are a psychiatric nut ward patient, and they blatantly said this in the 1950's.  Just because the jews subverted America, is no excuse.  Are you jewish?  Or a barn yard animal goya?  You do the math here.      

4.  I gave speedway years of chances, like everyone.  There is none that gives ALL more chances than me.  None, anywhere.  But the public is shit, the people that run these places are incompetent, and shit, and other people are creating this HELL ON EARTH.  I can't afford to give them any more chances, after years of chances.   Everyone else treats me, like shit, but never me, to them, but that's changing, rapidly.  I treated this tattooed psychiatric nut ward patient, some skinnier white chick, blonde, with pink lipstick, nasty looking, she looked like a washed up crackwhore, ex porn star, from the 80's, washed up, like the piece of shit that she is.  All because she bossed around this other girl, right in front of me, at the counter.  The green men to the left of me, said nothing, did nothing, and are retarded, brain-dead, cowards, that don't run shit, not here.  These ugly ass, dead ass, green white male, fools, with butt ugly fucking, nasty ass faces.

5.  My conversation to this girl was as follows, right after I heard her, boss this fat white girl, around, right in front of me.  Honestly, this set me off, but I wasn't even coming at it from the perspective that the customer, is always right at first glance, but I did not have to even tell you that, because it's absolutely true.  I don't even think like that though, in all cases, these days, because I am true love, and do not live my life, with hate.  I immediately see the best in people, and want to see the world through rose colored glasses, HOWEVER, this is IMPOSSIBLE, where I'm from, and may be impossible, nation fucking wide, in America, so when I see reality hit me, I respond, to reality, and blow up in anger.

"Hey, nice tattoos.  Are those tattoos on your arm there by any chance?"

Butt ugly ass washed up crackwhore white girl, with tattoos:   "Why yes they are,"  with an immediate proud look in her eyes.  Her eyes lit up with glisten, like she was fucking proud of them.

"I'm greatly offended by tattoos." 

Butt ugly ass washed up crackwhore white girl, with tattoos:  "Why?  You are?  Why?" 

"Because I am, that's why.  You got a problem with that?"   My voice raised greatly, as I was about to scream, loud at her, but did not. 

Butt ugly ass washed up crackwhore white girl, with tattoos:  "No I don't have a problem with that." 

"Good, I didn't think so."   with a snarl, and a louder tone to my voice, like I was about to scream, but refrained.    I walked out of the place.

I am offended by tattoos, but this would not have normally set me off.
What did set me off, is I saw the fat girl, getting yelled at, right in front of my face, as I was checking out, by butt ugly tattooed girl, so I used the tattoos as an excuse, but then re-realized, and re-confirmed what I actually stand for, and something that I do stand for, and will die for, is I am against tattoos, and furthermore, I'm never ever going to let the tattooed boss me around, in life, on a job, or anywhere.  It will be the other way around, you can bet your ass on that.

I already went to jail in Nashville, because Jack White III is stupid like Willy Wonka, but, another reason I went, overall, was because Ben Swank was trying to be my boss, because Jack White III was hiding from me, and ducking me, whenever I used to go there, years back.   I went to jail, because our system is whack.  One cop let me go, but 4 others, did me, in, because they had 5 there, that came when Ben Swank called them.   Ben Swank is covered in tattoos, and is a punk ass gutter punk, loser.  I knew it in advance, when I sized him up, when I saw him in real life, face to face, and knew, I'd never ever take orders from Ben Swank, never ever.   Originally being nice, I was there, looking for Jack White III to be my boss at first, but that's difficult, when the guy was no where to be found, after 5 different trips to Nashville and back.   He puts up airs about him.  They do, when they leave Detroit, and move to Nashville. 

I realized, yet again, tattos are on psychiatric nut ward patients, and I'm the man.  I'm the leader.  I don't take orders, from the tattooed.  I am better than YOU in every way, shape, and god damned fucking form.  

In reality, I came at it from two perspectives.   I saw the tattooed yelling at this fat white girl, who was quiet, and I sympathized with her, at first glance.   I also saw this tattooed class white girl, yelling at the fat one, who I did not see tattoos, so visibly.  I don't like bullies, that yell, when they are stuck in the "small picture," when I see the things the president of the USA sees, the "big pictures."   I dislike people stuck in the "little pictures."  It sets me off.  This tattooed chick should have let this bullshit go, whatever was bothering her, about her employee.  It was petty, and could be easily solved.  I also came at it from the angle of obviously, to yell at your employee, in front of someone in line, buying stuff from this speedway gas station, and I was buying stuff, this is unprofessional, all around, obviously, and this is in their manual, obviously.   I don't look at the world like that, but that's how the CEO's most certainly do, that run these companies, so that's how it really is, not even how I view things.   I didn't look at it from the excuse that the customer is always right, but that covers me absolutely, anyway, after the fact, anyway.   I just wanted to flip the tattooed class shit, because I saw her flipping this other girl shit, and I didn't say this, and she doesn't know this, but I was standing up for that girl, getting bullied by her boss, but never said that to her.   This was my motive though, and the green men, standing around, buying stuff, doing nothing, these brain-dead, landscaping fools, doing nothing, set me off, that much further.  I prove time, and time again, these green men are punch drunk idiots, and I'm THE MAN.  They ain't shit, and don't run nothing, and control nothing, NOT HERE!   Furthermore the girl was wearing a long sleeved shirt, but I see blue magic marker things, hanging down, just below the edge of the shirt, so I commented, nice tattoos.  But honestly, I thought it was blue magic marker.  She quickly lifts up her long sleeves though, with proud-ness, and quickly shows me the full ugly ass, blue, tattoo, with other nasty ass colors also. 

If this fat white girl was being bossed around by a boss that is a real boss, someone worth something, like the president of the USA, I would have stayed as quiet, as them brain-dead, green men, monsters, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, 88's, all around me.  But, this fat white girl, was being bossed around, by the warped, jewish subverted, born rotted, tattooed shit bumb class, the worst of the worst, shit bumb gutter punks, like that used to hang around in the Haight Ashbury district in San Fran, CA, in 1999.  We (me and my grandfather), pulled up to the sign, in 1999, and there was shit bumb mooches, hanging around it, all crawling around like spiders, and we took a picture of the sign.  Some shit bumb hanging on the sign, said, hastily, and harshly, and nastily, visciously and rude/nasty/mean as fuck-like, shy-lock, grid-lock, fuck talk-like, "Yo that will be $15 dollars."  We quickly said, "Fuck you shit bumb crackwhore, tattooed, mooch," asap, and drove the fuck away, giving this tattooed, heroin addict, shit bumb, beggar, zero dollars, and zero of our time.  Obviously, I have flashbacks to this 1999 splay, every single time I see a tattooed class white person, or whoever out there.  I don't do tattoos.  Period, the end.

The entire world-wide underworld is reading this, and you know who to destroy, burn down, rape, and murder, but you should rape that girl, but she was way too ugly to rape, or fuck like you are shitting in a toilet.    

America is shit.


That nazi in texas was speaking in codes to me. He said, "here I am a dead guy, for real, I"ll put you out front, yes Americans are retards, for real, you're right, they are a complete waste of fucking time. Heil Hitler, and I'll go kill 9 Americans, in a nazi uniform to show you, how much of a waste of time Americans are, and you're right, everything is a waste of time, anyway, so I'm the real dead guy now, I'll put you out front, from my grave, and furthermore, if you can install Hitlers nazi party into America, do it, because I support that magic, because everything, and everyone else is a total waste of fucking time, here."

Lets expose how Hollywood and Preachers, and the Church, and America works.


If I ever became a pilot, that's what I would do. The Japanese in WW2, were Kamakazis.

You'd never catch me killing only 9 people, before I went up in flames. I'd kill 1000's first.


Fly multiple planes into Bohemian grove, when they are all there in July.


It would be funny, like the nazi that killed 9 in Texas, wearing a nazi uniform, then died of natural causes, if you wanted to kill maximum amounts?

blow up bohemian grove,


pilots of airplanes, crash it into Chase building tower, like in Indianapolis, when the thing is fully loaded with people, then you could kill 1000 or more, in one shot.

Destroy the Octagon.

They show bits and pieces in movies, through the years, and we cannot see the big picture, until you go through hell, and lose your best friend, or family member, in a blood sacrifice.

These things are real, because the jews know things that most people in America do not know. Adam Sandler is supposedly jewish.

The movie Going Overboard, a decently old, low budget movie, shows 2 comics on a cruise ship.
In the beginning, a seagall shits white shit, that looks like cum, into the ladys bloody mary, from the sky above, and Shecky Moscowitz winks, and serves the bloody mary to the bitch lady, that is wearing polka dots, that ordered a bloody mary. They are on a cruise ship with models, and everyone is sleeping with everyone.

Later they think that the comedian Dicky Diamond, died, by falling overboard. This turned out to be untrue, but Shecky took his spot in the blood sacrifice, if it were real. Some are. This is why people pray, for christ to rise from the dead. And I see people drinking bloody marys on easter, talking about drinking christs blood.

We see Billy Bob Thornton, playing a dead guy, a little green man, aka a construction worker, a pissed off guy, in the crowd, cussing at Shecky on stage. They put stars, and the rainbow out front, and that rock star on stage also.

In American Pie, movie, they show some kid jizzing in some other guys beer, and the guy drinks it. This is actually real for these people, to get into 420 or OTO, or 88 or something.

Bowfinger shows how everyone has been sleeping with everyone since 1999. Later the lady said, "This is the most powerful lesbian in Hollywood." They literally are whores, and prostitues, and are sleeping with everyone, to get into this club, of OTO, or 88, or 420. They also show how they are literally stalking people, and following them around, when they didn't even know this, and are victims of PSY WARFARE like me. These days, they are doing this with satellites.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, shows these 2 sirens, celebs, dopplegangers, krypto jews, whatever they are, arabs, part of the rainbow, out front, getting picked up by a guy with a burnt off face, aka a MONSTER. Later, he takes them back to his farm, and junkyard, where he says, "let me get first dibs," on his 2 hot farmers daughters. And the farmers daughter, asks Harold and Kumar, to sleep with them, she says something about double stuffing her.
Anyone that sleeps with a Monster, or someone that slept with a Monster, gets into this club.

Nothing But Trouble 1991, shows Monsters, aka John Candy playing the female there, and celebs or the rainbow out front. The judge is a monster, and he peels off his nose, and his face, and they are all trippy, wierd, and want to kill everyone, that enters their junkyard. 2 are cops. They are all monsters, but 2 are very apparent. Later the Judge says, "The one that touches her, is the one that she keeps, this is house policy." I heard from powerful sources, that if you sleep with a monster, you are theirs forever, and you'll have to kill them, to get them away from you. I heard this does seem to exist, if you ever sleep with a monster, to get into this overworld, rainbow, hollywood, celeb, sort of club.

All of these types compose and comprise the NWO.

Monsters, cops, celebs, preachers, green men, I would argue, roughly. 5 is an important number to them, and I'd argue, that's what 5 means, I'd guess.

This is how America really works.
This is why I hate America.

National Socialists and Hitler all the way.

I came up with this.
I saw these movies, since like the 1990's, and I am not on drugs.
So I remember everything, from the past.
I put it all together, later.

America is stupid.
Make me the dictator.  Sit down.  Shut up.  Get out of my way.  Don't ever say shit, once I am.
I'd nuke LA, Chicago, NYC, DC, London, my first few days in office.
There is no communication with Americans, at all.
The youth is stupid, because the baby boomers were born rotted, and are fucking stupid.
They said they created something called ordo templi orientis, years ago, just to give people things they want, or need, to try, because the people that run these places, are so mental, they don't give the masses what they want or need.
But me, I think for myself.  I don't need no one to get sex, or the things I want or need.  I ask 1000's of girls, and they are all dark as fuck, like their baby boomer, born rotted parents.  I communicate about sex, and have, to 20,000 girls, in 13 years.   None give a fuck, and are all dead, born rotted entitites.
I communicate, face to face.
These people in secret societies, speak in codes, and are on a fake power trip.  They are incompetent.
They all must be executed, and eliminated.   They are more of the problem, than anyone, and cannot be trusted.
All in all 13 secret societies, must be killed, asap.
Make me the dictator of America, and I'll kill everyone here, and I'll enjoy it.
Death of all, is the only solution, to America.  America is worthless, and hopeless.
The native americans said, the people forgot how to live on planet earth, so they are going to die out anyway.
You can't survive w/o clean water, and that's step 1, to life on earth.
Humans and Trees share the same destiny.  Air breathes out, humans breath in, and vice versa.  W/o Trees you won't have air, and you won't survive.
Hitler saved humans from the brink of armaggeddon, and re-aranged a lifestyle, for a group of people, rotting in the streets, that could not even buy a loaf of bread, unless they had $100,000.00 in their pocket, due to the versai treaty, and banking criminals, which still run the USA, to this day, in real time.  Nothing has changed.
Most humans on earth don't know how to survive, and won't.

You've got a guy living in the woods, for 20 years, selling taco hell on tv.   Tree poachers, come in, at night, and chop down, pristine trees, to make a buck, to live in a trailer, to make more pianos, or violins, for the rich, in the name of the almighty buck.  He and another guy, scared them away, one night, and stopped the poaching of one more tree, but they are old men, and can't do much more, and no one else is.   
It must be an international crime to chop down any trees, and to pollute the water, worthy of immediate death sentence.    The cops are so misguided in America.  It shows how stupid they are, also.  They shoot a black guy in the inner city streets, but tree poachers, in the woods, run around America, loose, as free men.  I think the priorities, about who is executed in the streets, needs to change.
The front people of these movements, or groups, nation wide, are all liars, and all lying to themselves, and others.  They are all trying to constantly keep a game going, to keep the public in one place, and themselves in another, but it's all lies.  This is problematic, because time is spent on things that are not truly essential for re-arranging a lifestyle, for survival on earth, and so much time is wasted, the most important thing, yet they all preach how important time is, in the secret societies.  Make up my mind.  Hypocricy, and liars.  If you're going to execute people in the streets, execute tree poachers, that chop down trees, period, the end.  The next time you see a guy chopping down trees, in the forest, for anyone, or anything, himself, his own profit, or a company, execute him dead, and let's see if people start to change.   If you lie, you die, and we clearly see most humans on earth, simply destroying themselves, by allowing these lying front people, to take the stage, the spotlight, and do their bidding and speaking for them.  Not me though.  I think for myself, because they say America has a constitution, liberty, justice, and is the land of the free, and the home of the brave.  I'm sure you've heard that motto before.  I don't have to bow down to anyone, or anything here, because America was always the land of the rogue renegades, the wild, and crazy ones, that could not make it in Europe, so they left, for a free place.  If you allow yourself to become programmed by other peoples thoughts, words, whether it's the mainstream media, or public speakers, teachers, etc., you are not even following George Washington, and the Sons of Liberty, and that was only 1776, let alone the natives who were in America for 20,000 years, previous to 1776.  They didn't listen to the media, have a media, money, bankers, churches, or public liars, aka speakers.  The Europeans that came, truly are dipshits.  They fucked everything up in only 200 years, and all they know is, death, taxes, slavery and lies.  The natives survived in America for 20,000 years, and had a system re-arranged, for themselves, for a lifestyle for survival.  They knew how to survive w/o money, banking, slavery, taxes, liars, politicians, and public speakers.  The white europeans that came, are at the end of their ropes, only a couple of hundred years later, and that's pathetic, as fuck.

I am the best around.   I am the King.

Act like I'm the King of the earth, then.
Give me your 14 year old virgin, daughters, NOW.
If I am the best in the world, for what is left of the white race, then act like it.

I am suing the fbi, the cia, The Bush Family, skull and bones, yale university, harvard university, bohemian grove, knights of malta, knights templar, the jews, Isreal, washington DC, ordo templi orientis, freemasons, the music industry, I have a case against Kesha Rose Sebert definitely, possibly Taylor Swift, and Donald J Trump possibly, and the United States Goverment, for committing psy warfare, and WAR CRIMES against me, a citizen of the USA, and of many generations here, since the 1600's, since before 1776, long before, so being on federal watch lists, laws, and etc. doesn't mean much to me, because the feds didn't even exist until the 1900's, let alone in the 1600's, this is their subversion, their subverted system, but if you just checked out my website here, haha, now you're on a federal watch list, ha ha, the jokes on all ya'll, ha ha.

Looks like I'm catching the dirty, cheats, spies, and liars, over and over again, because, you should not be following me around, w/o telling me, to my face, first, that you want to stalk me, and then that shows you your mentality.  You can go to people, and ask them to be friends, right away.  You should not spy on people for years, first, then try and ask, many years, later, now I trust no one, and everyone is my enemy now.  You should not be spying, cheating, lying, etc., now should you?  Now that you are looking at my site, following me around, now you're on a federal watch list, and your IP was logged by the feds, so now it looks like you're gonna pay now, riiight!?


War crimes are defined as using any weapons against an opponet that cause unneccesary suffering, and I've been suffering unneccesarily for 8 years straight, and more, because of these people that run our USA, that are just as mental as the people that Putin wants me to sleep with their wifes, to get to him, so what does that say about Putin, from one angle?

Lawyers, contact me, asap, to help me, and to sue these people.
Text my site here.  I check this.
Write me to

Po Box 645
Dyer, IN 46311

All of these doppleghangers, moved out of their inner city, black neighborhoods in Chicago, IL, and all moved into my neighborhood.   They are dirty, cheats, liars, and spies, and they heard the KING lived here, and years in advance, plotted, against me.  Now my whole neighborhood is full of dopples, and I'm sick of it.  Seeing dopples following me all over the USA is causing me, PTSD, and unneccesary suffering also.  Dopples nation wide, are weapons, and weapons cause unneccesary suffering, against people, and this is defined internationally as a war crime.  George Lincoln Rockwell and Kevin Dillon look-a-likes need to get mowed over by glocks, and raped by angry mobs, of black lives matter, and the entire world-wide, UNDERWORLD, reads this page here, and for years, I didn't realise this, but this site, you are looking at, right here, was on a federal watch-list.

No one ever told me.

You people in the USA, are brain-dead, like that show, on national tv, with Monk.
You need to all join the military, asap, and get into pure order.
You also need to go to church 7 days a week, and pray 10 times a day, like the muslims do, nation wide, in america, you sinners.
I'm the best around.  I don't have to, but yous?  Yous are losers, pikers, cheats, liars, spies, and degenerates.

DEGENERATE is defined by me as

1.  tattoos
2.  all drugs
3.  dopplegangers, that have to lie, cheat, and steal, to stay alive.
4.  george lincoln rockwell, and leon panetta look-a-likes, that move into a neighborhood, because they can't face black people in cal city, they are cheap, liars, punks, cowards, losers, dead-beats, work for UNIONS,  UNIONS ARE RAN BY STUDS TERKEL, JEWS, KYKES, CHEATS, LIARS, SPIES, THUGS, CHEAP COWARDS, that can't ever be HITLER, because HITLER GASSED ALL IN UNIONS.
5.  joe stankovich,  cheap liaers, that if they spy, and lie,  they DIE,
6.   white girls that fuck packs of angry niggers, and vice versa.
8. most Americans
9.  whiggers, and people that listen to creed, nickelback, stained, disturbed, shine-down, sleastak, etc.
10. Everyone in washington DC.
11. jews, kykes, isreal.
12.   face tattoos, gutter punks, that live on the streets, crusties. 
13.  subverted cops, that shoot roids, and sleep with white females in neighborhoods, have tattoos, barbed wire tattoos, 99.9% of all cops, are degenerates. 
14.  spy agencies, spies, cheats, liars, all spies need to get executed by gods soldiers.

Stevie Hayes Records

Stevie Hayes Records is a full blown dictatorship.  Stevie Hayes is a full blown dictator.  He is not the greatest dictator to ever live, but already, he is responsible for 2 million deaths & murders in this world.  Hitler was responsible for 50 million.

Stevie Hayes Records is against tattoos, drugs, whores, prostitutes, and more piercings than just one single piercing in a females ears only.   I'm against tattoos, piercings, drugs, whores, prostitutes, secret societies, the government, spies, theifs, America, & everything about this modern whack system.  I'm against bad attitudes and stupid white people.  If I could I would execute all spies one hour after they are caught.  I would give spies an instant brutal death penalty.  Spies are my number one enemy on my list.  Spies are public enemy number one.  There was a poster in the wild west.  Spies:  Wanted dead or dead.
Some people join the CIA to spy for a living.  They go to the middle east, or around the world, they try to befriend the local population, they try to fit in.  However, when they are caught by that country, they are immediately executed for treason, and violating the constitution of the world.  Spies are committing treason to the USA constitution, are in violation of federal law, and the punishment for treason to the USA constitution is an immediate death sentence.  Spies are my enemies, and I will give them an immediate death sentence, if they are caught.  Think about how dangerous it is if you decide to become a spy for a living, by joining the CIA.  The problem with our modern world is the 1% has ample $ to spy themselves or hire spies.  You will find the spies in our 1% in our own American system, spying on us Americans.  I'm also against this.  I'm against all spies, period the end.  I don't care who they are.  The trash is in our own American system.  We need to go to war with ourselves.  America v.s. America.  This is the final war in the world.  The good v.s. the evil, right here in America.  There are bad apples infiltrated into every system, group, and entity, within America.  This is why I'm against America.  Maybe it was once great previous to Abe Lincoln in the 1850's.  However, ever since 1850, America has been shit.  George Washington was an authoritarian leader like Hitler, & Andrew Jackson.  He immediately executed treasonous traitors, spies, pieces of garbage like Abe Lincolns kind & he did eventually get assassinated of course, but it took the Knights of the Golden Circle, and it should not have had to have been that way, and etc.  The very word Secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society. 

Don't underestimate my power, or my words, as one lone wolf either.  I've already put 2 million bodies in the ground, dead.  If you think I have no power, you are greatly mistaken to take me for granted.  How many bodies have you put in the ground, your own self?  I put 2 million bodies in the ground, with my mind, and magical powers.  I am sick of people that think I'm a joke, or laugh at me, or don't believe it.  What don't you understand?  I am already responsible for 2 million murders & deaths in this world.   You can take your police, your military, your secrecy, and all your corrupt to the core bullshit groups, and shove them up your ass.  With me, one lone wolf, full blown dictator, I have 1 million times more power in my pinky finger, mind, body, & soul, than all of you idiots, dingbats, dimwits, pissants, peons, pikers, slaves, losers, & deadbeats, combined.   I have so blatantly obviously shown you, your ancient dinosaur tactics are worthless, and do not work.  I outmanuveur you from every angle, and on and from every single front.  I have a great idea for you.  Laugh.  Don't ever take me seriously.  Joke and laugh it up.  Everything in this life is a big fucking joke.  Everything I say is just a big fucking joke.


Satan's Scrotum aka Frankenstoner - The Driving Thru Gary (original album).
(your new bible! that will be worshiped in the year 4,000!)
A- guitar, drums, bass, vocals.
I dubbed this off the actual tape on 12-9-14 for a real copy.
I wrote this album in 2001 and I recorded it in 2002 for the first time.
Then I recorded it with me as a one man band in 2003 spring.
I then recorded it in a pro studio in 2004, in Cleveland, OH $1,000's of dollars.
This studio was owned by Jimi Hendrixes cousin or something?
I can't decide on the name for now, due to some business issues.
It was called at various points in the timeline.
1. Stevie Hayes
2. Satan's Scrotum
3. Frankenstoner
4. FrankenSpirituallyAlive
5. FrankenPharaoh
6. FrankenBoner
7. https://archive.org/details/TheBigDeliciousThugs-TheCrackFuckAlbumKingsOfGutter-core
8. https://archive.org/details/TheSegregationOfMr.Luigi
9. https://archive.org/details/GrindAsFuck
10. Chico's Prizon
11. Ritual Crack
12. Taking Back Gary!
13. Ritual Static - (Stevie Hayes on original drums 2001-2004)
14. The Big Bang - (Stevie Hayes on original drums fall 2002)
15. Dark Vanity Acid - (Stevie Hayes on original drums 2004-2007)
16. *  I've wanted to call it something else for years now, but due to business issues, have never used this name public, yet.*

Compilation CDs (I've been on many more comps under various band names, some are pro releases, some were never finished, some are for sale on discogs.com)

google.com search for
stevie hayes records compilation CD, unconstitutionalism in the usa


The Stevie Hayes Records label and some various band are reviewed in this zine that was hand printed and you can buy the printed version from this company.  The issue SHR is in was in 2011 or 2010.


There was a free .zip up years ago, for this compilation

"Most Unholy Convergence"

100+ bands on CD-ROM in Mp3 format. Far too many bands to list here, although we might make a link available soon to the tracklisting. A pretty good sampler - although by no means exhaustive - ov the current underground. Comes in a DVD style case.

Produced by: Dan o))) from S.O.D.D. 2010

Length: 100+ tracks, bloody long! $20NZD

Released on Satanica: 5 June 2010


I think I'm on this MUC compilation CD with some of my SHR bands.  Let me know if I am or not.

I am on guest vocals on one song that made it to this album under Stevie Hayes.  There is also another song on this album that mentions my name in the song, in the lyric.  I also did guest vocals on 2-3 other songs from this band in 2006, and I have the songs here, but I'm not sure if they were ever released or not. 


This is a project where I, Stevie Hayes play drums, guitar, bass, and vocals on every song, except for one song zip zip zoom, there is this native american prisoner on guest vocals & synths for this version he produced in his home studio, where he added layers on top of my base track, and my composition I created.  I improvised this whole entire album.  I made it up out of thin air.  First there was nothing.  I then started with drums into thin air, then I added bass and guitars over that, all improv after this.  Then sometimes I added vocals, all improv, over this.  This whole album was freestyled, off the cuff, me creating something out of thin air, when there was nothing there before.

There used to be 100's of free .zips up for free downloads from various artists I had on my record label.  They are out there somewhere in the ways they were up ever since around 2008 until around 2013, but I took the vast majority of them down.  There were 1000's of free songs in .mp3s people from my label produced themselves, and pictures and information in notepad files.  I just learned the very hard way, what niggers people are, after 2008.  The anger was always there.  Eventually I grew tired of people just taking my stuff for free, and having no morality, ethics, or decency in the slightest.  Furthermore, they then stole my ideas, and made them mainstream, and made billions of dollars off of my ideas, I'm obviously entitled to.  I took the vast majority of the free .zip packages down by 2012 and 2013, due to this fact.  You are a nigger.  What is left, is just scraps, of what once was.  This is about 1/20 of what once was up, when this label shone so bright, back then, and with all of my long hard work, and dedication to this.  This was some sort of unintended modern day social experiment.  Often times I did write updates asking for donations and $ from the masses.  I listed my Po Boxes and numbers and emails on the web for years, during the time these free .zips were up.  However, the masses never donated once.  Only a couple of people ever tried to help me out, but often times I realised it years later.  What I was looking for was a group of people with morality, integrity, decency, honesty, discipline, and ethics.  There was none to be found.  I was looking for $1,000's of dollars cash to show up in my po box, gold, silver, gifts, panties, bras, or whatever, but nothing was ever found.  If I gave all of that stuff away for free, for years, then it was like, you think some people would have gave some donations, just on their own, w/o even havin to say to them, that it was required.  But none ever came.  This is what America is really like, and 2008, further shows what Americans are really like, and I'll remember 2008 forever, and the 2000's previously, and after 2008, forever, to show me what Americans are really like.  I'll never truly trust anyone ever again.  I saw the reality, the devils, the evil sides.  I was greatly ripped off instead.  Furthermore, some of the people I had signed to my label, ripped me off the most.  They were spying on me for years, secretly, and the new mainstream popped up from a few of them, some people are now millionaires as a direct result of my hard work, ideas, and label, existing for years.  I did not expect this in advance.  Had I would have known that this is how things work, in advance, I would have never done music, a label, or put my releases on the internet in the first place.  If someone would have drilled into my head, years ago, before I started, don't play music, don't pick up a guitar, don't play drums, don't create music, don't run a record label, but you see I didn't know what a record label even was or did, when I started in 2002, and I started it because no one came to me, and told me anything, or did anything for me, etc., but if someone could have convinced me in reality, to never ever do these sorts of things in the first place, you will get ripped off bigtime, for billions of dollars, etc., then I would have never done them, to begin with, but it is really hard to convince people of things, because there are no leaders at all in America.  Hitler was great at convincing people of things, but no one else, ever since, has been, in reality.  In order to convince the masses, you have to have lived it for real, with the real life, pain, and suffering for real, and also have the right prescence, to showcase that to the masses.  If you just gently, and calmly go up to the youth, and you look rich, wealthy, fat, and fat cat, greedy, rich, and spoiled, and say to the youth, "don't do that, you will get ripped off," in this lispy voice, you'll never convince anyone of anything.  And if you life is pretty good, overall, and you try to drill things into the youths heads for years, you'll never convince them of anything, because you are not a leader, living it for real, in looks, appearance, and actions, and how your lifestyle looks.  Your lifestyle looks pretty good.  You are not out in the gutter, in the streets, rotting, starving, and nearly dying for real, in a full blown great depression.  Who are you going to convince, if you have a pretty decent life, overall? 

Thanks Pages:
My band name, names, or name, may be thanked on these albums thanks pages that were released pro CD in 1000's of copies, but I am not sure at this time.  I can't remember exactly, but you can buy them, and try to find out for yourself.


I started Stevie Hayes Records in 2002.  SHR was pure and amazing.  I have demos from 2006 for sale.  These are CDRs burned and put together by me, all my labor, by hand.  These demos are very limited.  Many people out there still have them in the USA and world.  Many are signed, by me, Stevie Hayes, with a black marker.  I often did this, secretly, to a few talented musicians, in the underground, even since 2013.  I did this, because this limited lot, of 666 copies total, released on 6-6-06, for the first time, will be worth $, someday.  There are 50 signed copies, at best.  I did this, so, other musicians in the scene, that I support their work, can one day make some $, off of this lot.  I never told anyone, previously, why I did this.  If you want to buy one of the remaining demos, text 219 671 five zero eight three, and send me cash to    
Legend.  po box 645, dyer, IN, 46311. USA.  
There are at most 50 copies left, that I have.  I can sign more, if you want.  Write me a letter, with what you want signed, and what you want it to say.  This is a piece of history.                      
I would like closure, on this lot, because when I produced this lot, I did not know what I was doing, fully.  This is a unique contribution, in the history, that bears my nativity, innocence, pure and amazingly beautiful crazy life, & one of my star names, that I created living in the absolute natural & fortuitous, 2000-2002 college dorm, exploration, order.  Shr is in the stars, up above, far below.  I hope to thrust this full lot, out there, away from me, once and for all, bringing closure to this dark era.  If this lot ever ends up for sale in the marketplace, for high bids, there would be strange beauty in that, because it would be officially out of my hands.  I don't shop.  I don't support most products out there on this market.  My demos serve as a fuck you reflection, as to how realistically degraded America was, is, and has become, in reverse order.  It is nearly impossible to change people, this way, but my demos, with ripped off, collage artwork, pictures off the internet, yet, with original music, but sometimes, with ripped off sound clips, (and I was told, once in 2002, I can do this), if they sold, for high prices, on the market, would make me Chuckie, chickie, chuckle, but only for a moment, because I love it that, to those that actually knew what they were doing, will forever view shr as a punchline.  I will die with a joyful heart, knowing how pure and amazing I was, during dark, terrorist times, where I invented musical terrorism, producing a naive, washed out, innocent, pure and amazing, yet unique, Renaissance mystical, magical, musical contribution, unique, in the history, that bears my starr name.  I don't care about people that do not know what they doing and I'm not laughing at them.  Live and let live.  $ is for fools, anyway, and I gave plenty of people their free $, anyway, with my magic penis heart of gilded gold, anyhow.  It is difficult to change certain sects, if they ever did buy & sell this lot on the market.  I won't laugh so much as I will be relieved in a way, that it will finally be out of my hands.  Then, if I ever did a new release, in the future, then finally, I could start fresh, from scratch, and would/could do something fully original, art-work-wise.  The early history of this label is irregular, erradic, and irrelevant.  Just go back for millennium, and you will find plenty of figures whom are still hated.  Mistakes on this level are not relevant, because this is the way the public has treated purity, beauty, glory, and amazement, all throughout history.  Ask Christ, Satan, or Hitler, for details, and those guys were great, greater than mycontributions.  Me.  I'm simply the ultimate, and chosen one, of my degraded, washed out generation, but remember this and now understand this.  You bred them.  You created them.  I did not.   - Stevie Rays Hayes aka "The artist futerly known as LEGEND."   Stevie Rays Hayes is a Legend & This is his story.  - 11-13-2015


I have always been seeking a white, true Aryan brotherhood, to do this band with, make videos with, create tv shows, movies, or public access shows, sitcoms with. 
I don't like being alone, or working alone, but out of all the pain & suffering I have gone through in America, in this bullshit whack system, I am against, I do not like what I see nation wide.  Yous are dead entities with no talent, and no lifeblood left.  Ever since I started operating in 1997 it has also been this way.  I'm against tattoos, piercings, drugs, whores, prostitutes, secret societies, the government, America, & everything about this modern whack system.  I'm against bad attitudes and stupid white people.  You better be very intelligent, & clever.


I'm seeking Saddam Husseine, Bin Laden, Muammar Gaddaffi, & Hitler to join my band. 

I can create a better system in America in 2 weeks, than has existed in America since 1800.
I would empty out every school, in every single city in America, and indoctrinate kids, from age 5 and up, into farms, and farming.  Train the kids how to farm, and have them live in farms, nation wide.  This will eliminate the gang problem in cities, immediately, because there would be no population in the cities, of youth.  Every school in the city would become vacant.  I would get my people into political office, in cities, and bring back steel mills, somewhere, but they can come back in a high tech manner on native american reservations, built on man made, custom, high tech, pollution sucking lakes, and systems, with pollution liners, under the lakes, and above the mills.  But the problem is YOU.  You have to let me, the man be the man, sit down, take orders from me, and obey.  If you don't listen to me, you are doomed.  You are not the man.  I am the chosen one, of my generation.

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS


The trash is in America, within our own system.